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I Think We Got It But We Still Have Some Work To Do

We are back we still have a little bit to do to get back up to speed, We have done a whole new site it was a ton of time & work and we will be making a few changes to bring it up to date and make sure we don’t have the same problems, we now have the help we need to maintain and keep it working.

I would also like to take some time to thank Ken Kay for covering for me and writing & sending out the newsletter. Thank You my friend I really do appreciate it besides I think he was about ready to send his goons after me.

And a double dose of thanks to everyone else for their patience. I know alot of us depend on this site and I am truly sorry for the absence. The main thing was getting it back up and running. As you probably know a few weeks a go as we were building the new site someone took over control and were directing us to some sites their parents probably didn’t get invited to.

So we took down the site totally. We have had several inquiries as to where it went. Unfortunately we lost many photos and thing or 2 in other areas of the site some we can save and some we can not we will do our best to get them back and up on the site. But for now the Posts/Blog and Calendar are back up with some nice upgrades. One of the areas we lost the most in is the Memory Lane so become a correspondent and send us some of your favorite photos from different events you attend and we will share with the group of course you will get the credit for sending them.

We also plan on a few new features to make the site a little more fun, also if there is something you would to see just drop us a line here in the contact page or at .  And we will see what we can do to accomodate.

There is a lot of fun events planned for the summer we hope to see you there.

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So get out there and support all you can have a great week. Thanks Steve

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3 Nice Events Coming Up Saturday in Southern Utah

This past week was a busy one, and there is no rest for the weary, wicked, or sleepy. We have everything from cool morning activity to mid-day fundraiser show & shine to evening at a regular cruise-in spot. Be sure to click on this link to view a few months out   →

April 21st – Saturday – Recurring Monthly Event – Daily Grind & Donuts Cruise-In – 9 AM – 11 AM Washington City Wal-Mart Parking Lot – Organized by the AllGens Camaro Club of Southern Utah Meet & Greet and all are welcome to come out and have a cup and a bite of some good old donuts

April 21st – Saturday – Dammeron Valley Fire Dept. Car Show & BBQ – My name is Roger Bond, the youth in our community are putting on a small car show and the Dammeron Valley fire dept is doing an open house and BBQ. It is April 21st from 11:00-2:00. If you know anyone who would be interested in showing their cars you can contact me at 801-673-336 Thanks

April 21st – Saturday – Recurring Monthly Event – Iceberg Cruise-In/Show & Shine organized by the Desert Rodders of Southern Utah – 5 PM – 7 PM– Everyone Welcome.


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This site brought to you by: Steve’s Hot Rod Garage

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So get out there and support all you can have a great week. Thanks Steve

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Last Minute Stuff

Shane, of Car Guys Care, tells us that Cracker Barrel folks are having their parking lot fixed up through Tuesday and suggests all attending Wednesday may want to just bring regular cars and park on the street street or Dixie Center parking lot next door. Your choice as there is always a chance the parking lot will be safe. Just an FYI. Please forward to all of your friends.

Also, a change to the Over the Hill Gang’s regular 1st Thursday dinner will be pot luck at Tom & Jayne Fulton’s home….here is the skinny:   In lieu of our normal First Thursday Dinner Meeting (May 3), Jayne and Tom Fulton will host a  POT LUCK at their home in Mesquite.  All car guys and gals are welcome. The attached flier pretty much says it all.  RSVP with your name(s) and what you plan to bring and then plan to ride on over in your cool car for a fun afternoon.  Tom will answer any questions when you RSVP.  Fearless Leader Steve.