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Last Minute Stuff

Shane, of Car Guys Care, tells us that Cracker Barrel folks are having their parking lot fixed up through Tuesday and suggests all attending Wednesday may want to just bring regular cars and park on the street street or Dixie Center parking lot next door. Your choice as there is always a chance the parking lot will be safe. Just an FYI. Please forward to all of your friends.

Also, a change to the Over the Hill Gang’s regular 1st Thursday dinner will be pot luck at Tom & Jayne Fulton’s home….here is the skinny:   In lieu of our normal First Thursday Dinner Meeting (May 3), Jayne and Tom Fulton will host a  POT LUCK at their home in Mesquite.  All car guys and gals are welcome. The attached flier pretty much says it all.  RSVP with your name(s) and what you plan to bring and then plan to ride on over in your cool car for a fun afternoon.  Tom will answer any questions when you RSVP.  Fearless Leader Steve.