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We Have A Few Time Changes Be Sure To See Below

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There are a few changes listed below and one new event added by the folks at Desert Rodders. I do my best to keep this up to date so remember when you send me your info make sure all the info is there time, date, location etc. I do try to make sure its all there but sometimes I even miss it since we are generally passing on info provided to us by the organizers. Thanks again.

Tuesday Recurring Monthly Event – Gears, Grub & Mud at Peggy Sue’s Diner Organized by The Over the Hill Gang of Virgin Valley 8 AM Mesquite Time – EVERYONE invited.

Tuesday -5pm-7pm – Show & Shine!! – 700 Degree Pizza – 974 W Sunset Blvd (NEW EVENT)

Wednesday “Hot Rod Hangout” Cracker Barrel Each Wednesday Year-around Hours Arrive any time after 8:30 AM

Saturday 6 PM to 8 PM. Desert Rodders Iceberg Drive In Show & Shine 200 East St George Blvd. (TIME CHANGE)

There is a lot of fun events planned for the summer we hope to see you there.

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So get out there and support all you can have a great week.

Thanks Steve

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