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I was going to try and change the calendar when I got a request to cancel a show. Then the cancels went nuts SO I WONT BE CHANGING THE CALENDAR . Ken pretty much sums it up below but until further notice I send what is sent to me as I get them. I would say it is safe to say everything is cancelled until further notice. See below.

COVID-19 Scare IS Scary

By Ken on Mar 12, 2020 04:46 pm

According to Shane all Car Guys Car activities are suspended temporarily and probably for the best since we really don’t know what’s going on there. Bill Thomas just informed me the March 28th SunRiver show is cancelled as well. Too many people trying to turn it into some political event and that is just plain wrong to do right now. Kind of like pots and kettles don’t ya think. Just think if all news people would stay out of it for 72 hours and see if Righties & Lefties could do what’s best without the continual MSNBC and FOX types bantering. I switched to CNN (dumb I know) and it was a field day because they seem to think Pres. Trump got real sneaky and stole a bottle of virus stuff from China and sprinkled it around Gov. DeBlasio’s feet.

If all this wasn’t so sad and scary it would be hilarious. Dang if this doesn’t sound like some idiot who won’t go to FaceBook because of all the political prothletising (that’s me, of course).