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Ever Had One Of Those Weeks

Well sorry for the mix up on the Pork Belly event last week apparently they set it up for the 4th Thursday not the 4th week. So every once in a while if the 1st of the falls on Friday, it falls on the 5th week but the 4th Thursday. So word to the wise set your event up for say Thurs every 4th week not every 4th Thurs. Just makes life so much easier. Cant imagine how I screwed that one up sorry. But its this week honest Ken even told me.  Steve

Tuesday Recurring Monthly Event – Gears, Grub & Mud at 1880 Grill in Mesquite.  Organized by The Over the Hill Gang of Virgin Valley 8 AM Mesquite Time – EVERYONE invited. (remember time difference from MST)

Wednesday “Hot Rod Hangout” Cracker Barrel Each Wednesday Year-around Hours Arrive any time after 8:30 AM.

Thursday Pork Belly’s St George Cruise-in / Show & Shine 6 Pm See Flyer Click Here

There is a lot of fun events planned we hope to see you there.

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Get out there and support all you can have a great week.

Thanks Steve