Roosevelt Car Show 7-15-17

This turned out to be a great event although Jeanne would not have liked the RV parking (freshly mowed field containing dust, bugs, and about a billion grasshoppers). Was hot both days (98 Friday, 97 Saturday) although on the grass in the shade was very pleasant. They had over 200 participants, more than they have ever had. Many food vendors, many raffle prizes, many awards, great poker run around the valley Friday, either outdoor movie or street blocked off cruise/band playing Friday night. Great rides displayed Saturday (no junk). Very organized burnout contest Saturday. Great venue on shaded grass. All in all a great experience. Mark Burn

Our group of rides on the grass



Wonderful 53 Merc

Beautiful silver 5 window coupe containing a Buick V6 engine

2 restored 31 Ford sedans

Over 1000 hp Chevelle

3119 Reg Bennion’s Nomad (572ci engine). Won the burnout contest, as he usually does. For those of you who don’t know him Reg is a Salt Lake County legend, one of the fellas who owns a barn which stores about 100 rides of all kinds and in all states of restoration. One of the nicest guys you would ever be lucky enough to know.

Selfie in front of the County princess and her attendants. I’m the good looking one.

59 Vette and 57 T Bird. Husband/wife team. I’m not big on Vettes but this one is the most impressive Vette I have ever seen. Yes it was recognized in the awards ceremony.

Mod Packard

RVs in field