Fatty’s Burgers Cruise-In a HIT

Probably Around 35 cars, trucks, rods, and more showed up for the show & shine along with some great food deals and the welcome feeling we all received was sure different for that neck of the woods at Sunset Corner. We have all tried many times over the years to get something going over there that made everyone feel welcome……FINALLY!

Thanks to Car Guys Care and Greg Hess, owner of Fatty’s, this monthly event (Next Month this will be on Thursday, November 17th at 4 PM – 6 PM) will surely be on ongoing and growing spot for us. Along with Fatty’s being open Starbucks, Classic Sports, and Origin Clothing C0. were there promoting their goods. By the way if you need some great sports clothing or casual wear the clothing places are really great. Get over there and support those businesses.

Everyone forgot to take photos until it got dark, but here are some from Oscar:

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