Collector Car Roster – Incomplete of course

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The “Zion Arch” Nametags are available and the numbers of people wearing and ordering them are ever increasing. $6.00 Each includes Tag, Shipping, Magnet.

If you are ever in Springdale just stop by Toaquim’s Village Gift & Gear Shop in the same building complex as the Zion Big Screen Theater. You can by one off the rack and just remove the keychain and we can supply you with the magnet backing for $1.oo when you see me at Hangout, Cars & Coffee, Iceberg, or Freddy’s. If you would like me to order you one I will do that just contact me.  (Ken…or email me at 

Darin or Deletha Heaton are the ones there to speak with if you need to order one in and they can mail it to you if they do not have the one there you want……They can order about anything reasonably clean. Located at 145 Zion Park Blvd in Springdale, UT  84767   435-772-2420

Non-Club specific:

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