Update for the week

I just wanted to take some time and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As you all spend time with your family and friends I will be doing the same.  I also have a few things that need done with Desert Cruzin site so I will be doing my best to keep up with the postings. So if you have any suggestions or comments leave them at desertcruzin@gmail.com thanks for your support.

Also after doing this site for approx the last 2 years. When we decided to take the site over from Ken I figured how hard can it be. Well I can safely say that the amount of work We have put in to it. (With tons of Kens help, sorry dude) I cant even imagine how much it must have taken to build and maintain this site for about the last 10 years, well Ken you got my respect. So thanks for all the time and work you have put in to this over the years  Thanks Double Cab Ken. 

We have met so many great people and their awesome cars and we plan to continue for many years to come. I can’t tell you how much my shop family and my actual family appreciate your business and support.

Have a great Holiday Season.

Steve Nielsen   

Desert Cruzin,  Steve’s Hot Rod Garage

Even though we try to make it to as many events as we can we can’t get to them all. So if you made it to any of them take some pictures and if you would like to write anything about it I will pass it along. Send them to DesertCruzin@gmail.com .  Thanks.

Thanks to all of those who contribute to make this site available.

This site brought to you by:  Steve’s Hot Rod Garage        

You can be one of our sponsors by just Emailing DesertCruzin@gmail.com for information.

So get out there and support all you can have a great week.

Thanks Steve


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