Let The Madness or Stupidity Begin Happy Black Friday


Saturday Freddy’s Burger Cruise This is brought to you by Freddy’s Steakburger and Car Guys Care and EVERYONE invited to attend no matter what you drive, ride, or repair.

Tuesday is the weekly Gears, Grub, and Mud at Peggy Sue’s Diner in Mesquite 8 AM hosted by the Over the Hill Gang down in Mesquite. Click right HERE  to check out their flyer (remember time difference from MST).

Wednesday Hot Rod Hangout – Come out and have and bite an and catch up with friends. 8:30 AM or so. Bishop’s east near Costco and Freddie’s.

Additional information on upcoming shows along with their flyers click HERE.  Thanks to Double Cab Ken.

Even though we try to make it to as many events as we can we can’t get to them all. So if you made it to any of them take some pictures and if you would like to write anything about it I will pass it along. Send them to DesertCruzin@gmail.com .  Thanks.

Thanks to all of those who contribute to make this site available.

This site brought to you by:  Steve’s Hot Rod Garage        

You can be one of our sponsors by just Emailing DesertCruzin@gmail.com for information.

So get out there and support all you can have a great week.

Thanks Steve


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  1. Paul & Sara says:

    Oh, it’s the stupidity all right, anyone can get almost anything at the same price with free shipping ( or pick up at the store for free when you feel like going ) via their online store rather than “mingle” though all the unruly mass of humanity trying to save a few dollars waiting in hours of lines….all Black Friday does is take away family time during Thanksgiving, heck why cook all day ( not to mention the paying for and shopping for the food ) only to have everyone bail for the 5 pm shopping? Nope..

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