Oops Sorry Brain Fart. Uhh Just Getting You Ready For Next Week Yea That’s It. Yea Next Week.

 Dang where is April 1st when you need it. Wrong! It’s not wrong its April fools day got ya. Oddly enough the calendar is right I’m just ahead of everyone’s time. So enjoy Cars & Coffee at Perks. Nice to see Ken is still looking out for me. Thanks Brother.

Saturday  Recurring Event Cars & Coffee at Perks on Sunset 9 AM One of the all time favorites in these here parts is this First Saturday of each month same time and same place organized by Car Guys Care and the great Perks Staff & owners. This is one of those EVERYONE is welcome deals….drive anything you wish.  Click HERE for more details. Plenty of parking, seating, and good stuff to eat & drink Organized by Car Guys Care

Tuesday is the weekly Gears, Grub, and Mud at Peggy Sue’s Diner in Mesquite 8 AM hosted by the Over the Hill Gang down that-a-way. Click right HERE  to check out their flyer (remember time difference from MST).

Wednesday is Hot Rod Hangout – Come out and have and bite an and catch up with friends. Ricardo’s is our host and do a awesome job taking good care of us all. Here is the info right HERE! 8:30 AM or so. And goes until we leave.

Additional information on upcoming shows along with their flyers click HERE.  Thanks to Double Cab Ken.

Even though we try to make it to as many events as we can we can’t get to them all. So if you made it to any of them take some pictures and if you would like to write anything about it pass it along to DesertCruzin@gmail.com .  Thanks.

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So get out there and support all you can have a great week.

Thanks Steve