The Weather is Turning SOOOO Perfect for Car Shows……Get Those Cars Out!

Sling on over and check out some of the photos of the Wings & Wheels Car Show Saturday to: THIS LINK

Remember the Emails only show a small portion of the great information available on the region’s car shows and related events. You can visit to get all of the latest information on Car Shows and related events ( That is on what we hear about).

Tuesday – Gears, Grub, and Mud at Peggy Sue’s Diner 5 PM in Mesquite just off the first exit….EVERYONE welcome. Click HERE to check out the flyer.

Wednesday – Hot Rod Hangout Cruise-In at Ricardo’s on South Bluff St. George 8:30 AM (or 9) with all hand invited – great food specials – Just smack your little mouse right ON THIS to see the uptown info.

Thursday – Cruise-In at Fatty’s Burger at Corner of Sunset & No. Bluff in St. George 6 PM – Click HERE to check out more information. This is organized by Car Guys Care

Saturday – Cruise-In at Freddy’s Burger on 3050 East (So. Green Springs Dr.) in Washington, UT 6 PM – Click ON THIS BAD BOY to check out more information. This is organized by Car Guys Care

This site brought to you by: Terminator Pest Control &  Steve’s Hot Rods      –    You can be one of our sponsors by just Emailing for information.

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