Start the New Year with Hangin’ Out

Wednesdays, as usual, are pretty much set for Hot Rod Hangout at Ricardo’s at 1110 South Bluff St. in St. George. 8:30 AM or around 9 AM is a good time to show up and most people are eating or chatting at this Show & Shine/Cruise-In/Gad About and everyone has always been welcome to this regardless of the car you drive or club you may belong to.

Ricardo’s offers a senior’s and children’s menu starting at $3.99 for their All-You-Can-Eat pancakes with a free drink if you are with the car people. $4.39 (with free drink) will get you some additional choices. We sure appreciate the huge discount free coffee or soda actually works out to be. Lots of parking, seating, and whopper telling.

Friends, Fun, and Fumes in the entire DesertCruzin region.

Be sure to visit Car Show Events by clicking on the blue link to see more events like Thursday evening’s Over the Hill Gang of Virgin Valley Meet Up (Click HERE for more on that) and Car Guys Care Cars & Coffee coming up on Saturday (Click HERE for more on that). We hope to send you out a reminder on Friday for that. With Monika still not feeling up to her regular fantastic self the rest of us are giving it our best to keep you informed.

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