Wingin’ it This Week

Of course, EVERYTHING is with weather cooperating.


We were out and about cruising around and ran across a place we had never seen before in Ivins and thought a cool idea would be to get on over Monday Morning for a Flash-Cruise and check out their, “Taco Monday.” Right off the round about in the heart of Ivins is a place called The Icebox & Round About Grill. It is across the street from the Ivins Veterans Home.

It is a very nice looking little building that has indoor and outdoor seating, pretty darn good parking, a drive-thru, and very decent menu (Breakfast, Lunch & ?) including lots of tasty sounding desserts.

Here’s the plan (Right! Who has ever really planned anything around here?):   Meet at Dutchman’s Market (Santa Clara Dr. & N. Canyon View Dr.) at about 10:45 AM and head out going up Canyon View out to Rachel and take that all the way to East Center St. and arrive maybe about 11:15 – 11:30 depending on what time we can get on the road….No Pressure, No Rush, No Calories.


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