What a Weekend it Was – And Will Be Again –

I have been around a while and have never seen such a huge turnout at the Ridgetop Racing Complex for the Blackrock Motorsports Sponsored Drag Races Saturday and Sunday – There was a line like I have not seen around here. A nice group of volunteers from Car Guys Care put up the protective fencing, cleaned tumbleweeds off the City property, got all the outhouses located properly, and helped with the other general setup. Really TOO BAD this race was the end of the road for that event. As usual, progress in our City of St. George is on the move as long as it doesn’t include anything regarding classic cars, hot rods, car shows, or related auto events. We can build 40 gazillion miles of walking trails we all love, but be sure NOT to park a classic car around here near anything to do with the City. Heaven FORBID!!!!!!! 

The turnout at Papa Gus’s BBQ Grand Opening Car Show in Leeds was so much larger than anyone ever expected it blew everyone away. Gus (Gustavo Flores) told us around 3 PM he had turned out 800 meals already that day. The food was good (free to car show participants), and a lot of us will be looking forward to cruising up there soon for breakfast, but I think we may hold off until the crowds die down a bit.


If you miss anything around these DesertCruzin parts just wait a minute (kind of like the weather) and there will be more stuff happening than you can shake a stick at….Hey, just get a bigger stick. City Fathers can just relax because all of these events are on private property.

Wednesday – Hot Rod Hangout at Ricardo’s on South Bluff at 9 AM

Friday Through Sunday – MATS Flyer 3-18-16 (MATS) Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Saturday – Iceberg 3-19-16 Sponsored by The Desert Rodders of Southern Utah and Iceberg Drive-Inn


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