Mega Car Show Week Ahead

In the region, it looks like the “Car Stars” are all lining up for a huge week ahead for all car enthusiasts. We are finally getting some much needed rain this morning (Sunday about 5 AM) as I am sitting here because I’m too darn old to sleep. It looks like a hit and miss rain will be around for a couple of days then clearing until a slight chance come Saturday. I say slight chance because the forecast says 20% chance of rain but that usually happens in the mountains or closer to the Ariz. Strip (of course now that I mention that it will probably dump 2″ in downtown St. George)….Dream on.

By the way, Car Guys Care Cars & Coffee was packed with some amazing cars and great friends……Couldn’t have been any better.

This is a taste of what’s up, but for the longer list visit the Car Show page and check the vents and flyers:

  • Wednesday looks like perfect weather for another Hot Rod Hangout at Ricardo’s at 9:00 (trouble is about all who show up can’t tell time, so come whenever)
  • Saturday early at the Drags Sat & Sun (I can never figure out the exact times for events)
  • Saturday 9:30 AM starts out with breakfast at Zion Harley with the Vietnam Vets and this week they are doing Breakfast 9:30 and lunch at 11 AM until 1 PM
  • Saturday FREE FOOD/FREE FOOD/FREE FOOD at Papa Gus BBQ Grill in Leeds at the Grand Opening Car Show. Anyone interested we can depart Zion Harley about 1 and cruise up together. Car Show actually starts at 10 AM – 5 PM.
  • Saturday Rebels with a Cause Cruise-In at Ricardo’s 1110 South Bluff in St. George 4 PM – 6 PM with some amazing food specials offered.
  • Sunday Drags at the Ridgetop Complex finish up and could possibly be the final drags ever there…..Would it ever be nice if our City of St. George treated car enthusiast the same way they treat developers and builders when it comes to cooperation. It seems like the City Council wants to get stuff going to do more and more but the bureaucrats in charge of events, applications, paperwork, and goobly-goop throw every negative curve and floater they can dream up. Remember the days when we had car shows on Main Street? Was that great or what? An outfit can come here, build about 38,000,000,000 homes or box stores, but whatever you do don’t let a classic car park on City grass or a City Hollowed Ground Street or Property……Nearly every town in America has a Car Show with City cooperation but us…..”whine, snivel, shucks, golly-darn”, can you hear the tears drop. How great it would be to make the City of St. George in charge of ISIS getting an operating license to operate around the world….we would never hear of them again. The permit would be so messed up ISIS would be out of business.

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