Holy Carbonzalocious – Zion Cruise Magnificent

From Desert Rodders, Mustang Club, Corvette Club, Rods and Rebels, Independents, VW Republic, Day Trippers, Porsche Club, Mopar Group, and maybe a total of 35 cars…..MMMMMM – About as mixed (or mixed up) group of car lovers hit the road this morning for a prompt 10 AM shove off and perfect cruise through the back roads of Hurricane and up to a great little picnic spot in Zion. After lunch some departed the group for parts unknown, some hit the road back to The Narrows, and some continued over to Carmel Junction for pie & ice cream, Carmel Mountain Sundaes, or whatever. No one cared who did what and I think it was a perfect (lucky weather) day.

In the Park we spotted some fat, fat turkeys (not us), lots of sheep (coming & going both directions), deer, elk, buffalo, bison, eagles, hawks, finches, blue birds, two lizzards….you get the gist.

Thanks to Paul & Sara Winn for the plan, hospitality as cruise leaders, and for the sugar rush of the cookies and cream puffs. One more cruise like this one and the National Diabetic Foundation will put a hit out on all of us.   →   Photos Click Here

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