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February Car Shows Healthy

Last shot at January tomorrow with this:

Coming up this week sounds pretty darn good:

  • Hot Rod Hangout 9 – As usual this one held each Wednesday is one of the busiest continual thing going on in these parts…..No wonder! EVERYONE is welcome.
  • Cars & Coffee 2-6-16 – Always an interesting time with a magical mix of who knows what showing up at Perks on Sunset

Doin’ IT Up at Hangout

If you haven’t had the opportunity to come out to Hot Rod Hangout at 9 AM on Wednesday morning tomorrow looks like the perfect day to give it a go. Each week no one knows who may, or may not, show up.

No club needed and no clubs are favored here. There is no question that nearly each week all of the clubs in the area represented and all independent minded souls are encouraged.

No one needs to worry about what they drive and new cars, old cars, classics, customs, special interest, or bikes……Get on out and be part of the non-group.


Tuesday at the Movies

From Paul Winn:

Hi Guys & Gals, anyone up for seeing the “Joy” Movie?.. JOY Official Trailer [HD] 20th Century FOX…. 2 hrs., 14 mins, $3.25 ticket, $1 popcorn, at the St George Main Street Cinema, 12:50 pm ShowTime….and then after all the “Joy”, …..we could head down to Ricardo’s for a messy $2 buck Taco Tuesday & $2 buck Ice Cold Brew and if we’re really lucky, maybe even see a “Miracle Mop” in action! Mug Rolling on the floor laughing Martini glass

Muscle Cars at the Strip – Major Expansion of ALL Mopar, GM, Ford

ATTENTION EVERYONE !!!!!!!     Judges Needed !!!

The following is an exchange of Emails between local car guy John Heinz and Phil Painter the coordinator of judging at the Muscle Cars at the Strip this year at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

You have expanded it big time.  All year Fords and GMs?    Yes

We have 2 websites that service a good portion of the enthusiasts here plus local clubs. Is it ok to post for you? Yes. Including request for judges?   Yes, That they contact you for a interview.  Email the judge information to

Any posters etc?    Thanks John I still need a head Ford Judge, do you know of anyone.?

MATS Flyer 3-18-16

John thanks for getting back with me, do you have the time and interest to help with the Judging Staff for the Ford Section of this year’s event, March 18-20th, or know the right people who would be qualified judges. It would be a full 3 day commitment. Of course, all judges have free entry the entire show. There is usually a formal judges meeting on Thursday night before the event at the Cannery Hotel and Casino at 8:00 pm as a judges orientation. 

Phil Painter

JP Motorsports

Las Vegas, NV
702-256-8254 Office
Event Date: March 18-20 2016


Ain’t This Just the Way IT Is????

A few of our fellow rodders who plan events, cruises, or any get togethers know what I am about to say….ALL Good but very nerve racking!

I planned a little cruise this morning for a quickie lunch at Rock Grill out at the Ledges Country Club. Lat Wednesday I called out there to give Kimber a heads-up we were going to be coming out and there may be 8-20 people but I would call her when we left the Dutchman Market to let her know a closer count. While Linda and I were the 2nd ones in the parking lot this morning ready to head out (Larry & Cheryl – ’48 Ford convertible were first) hoping to have at least eight on this fairly overcast day. In about 10 minutes I was frantically dialing Fish Rock to let them know there may be 30 there…..phones out at the restaurant and the clubhouse were out of order and I was about panicked to the point of a stage three anxiety attack. Soon there were 4o there and still dialing with fingers bleeding all over my new 6S…..we took off from the staging area at about 10:32 as planned. Still all busy signals….Crap!!!!!…..We hit the Gunlock turnoff and holy moly the crew from Mesquite was there with about 12 ready to join in (anxiety running about stage 4.7 by now). I had to pull over in Gunlock and let Paul Jacobsen know he would have to lead the rest of the cruise because Linda & I were going to have to hustle and get to the Fish Rock and let those poor people know there may be 60 there. Soon we were in Dammeron Valley and still busy signal after busy signal after busy signal…just by a lark I called Roy & Kathy (Brookside Folks) to see by chance they were at the restaurant waiting….Yup! They were there. I asked them to hustle inside and warn those poor people about how many may be arriving……FANTASTIC!!!!!! Fantabulous!!!! Fantabullistic!!!!!

One of the best times we have had in years just sitting around chatting with our great car friends and amazingly friendly staff who, at every turn, made their best efforts to make us feel appreciated……only a couple of GRUMPY old dudes (same ones as always) couldn’t take the reality of it all and got a tad goobered out….tough stuff! I can say that because they wouldn’t check out this site to save their souls.

Thank you so much to all of our good friends for being patient, happy, and taking part in this fun day…..Check out a couple of photos here   → Fish Rock   If any of you took photos please send them to me so I can get them posted.

Saturday Lunch Cruise to Fish Rock Grille

Round ’em up about 10:30 AM, or so, at The Dutchman’s Market/Gas Joint at the corner of Santa Clara Dr. & Canyon View in Santa Clara, UT, and shove off pretty quick to head out through Gunlock and Veyo and end up at The Ledges Fish Rock Grille in Beautiful Downtown Winchester Hills for an 11:30 lunch…No matter what ya’ll drive – anyone, everyone, anything is welcome. Cruise with us or just meet us there.

Kimberley, Fish Rock Food Mgr., offered us buy first meal and 1/2 off the second one.

To view the flyer just click here   →   Fish Rock Grille Cruise


Much Good Car Show News

Even though some told us the Mesquite MotorMania was a tad light this year on the big numbers of registered vehicles it was still a great show…see some great photos by clicking here   →   Mesquite MotorMania Photos

Likewise, Iceberg Cruise-In was lightly attended, but those who made it were not disappointed.

Tuesday Movies – From Paul, “Hey Gang, next on our Movie to see list is a real tear jerker called “The Revenant”…. The Revenant, Trailer ….maybe a bit too “Mushy” for the Guys, but I think your Gal Pals will really love it….just the Trailer makes you Yearn for a good ol’ couples camping trip in the woods, or maybe even a nice river rafting experience, or a romantic horse back ride in the country… you get the drift…..maybe we should have saved this for Valentines day but hey, we’re always romantic… let’s do the 11:50 am show, Sunset Stadium 8, meet in the Lobby around 11:30 am, get your $1 buck Popcorn, and remember to try and get your seats in the top row ( 26 seats up there ) …..later, after the crying, and we dry our eyes, we can all head down to Ricardo’s for $2 Tacos….EVERYONE Welcome.”


Iceberg Saturday 5 – 7

200 West St. George Blvd. Please do not arrive to park car in lot until 4:45

Desert Rodders of Southern Utah

More Daylight = More Fun for Car Shows

Each year at this time I am amazed at how fast the daylight minutes add up in the evenings. As soon as that December 22nd date rolls by there is a noticeable difference in good old sunshine. Last night there was still some light pushing 6 PM….My kind of deal!

If you are planning on going to the Mesquite MotorMania Car Show on Saturday remember the time change down there means sunset will be about 4:45 PM.

However, if you are going to be around town remember the Cruise-In at Iceberg 5 PM – 7 PM   Remember the organizers do not want anyone arriving prior to 4:45

Rolling Right Along

Just because it’s cold in these here parts doesn’t mean there are no car things on tap on a regular basis. Just check out the next 10 days worth of activities in the area (I am secretly still praying spring may get sprung a bit early):

  • Wednesday is good old faithful Hat Rod Hangout at Ricardo’s 9 AM….Try it – You may like it.
  • Friday kicks off the annual Mesquite MotorMania – Through Sunday (a couple of things also happen Thursday evening)
  • Friday 7 PM Fellow Classic Car Buff Carmen Snow give a historical presentation at the Washington Relief Society
  • Saturday evening Iceberg Drive-Inn Cruise-In 5 – 7
  • And, right back around to Wednesday and Hot Rod Hangout