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Happy New Year!!!!!

Wow Wee!

2015 shot by like a dose of salts, geezer on a greasy garage floor, and a 2015 Mustang GT King Cobra.

The best part of this whole thing is if you are reading this you obviously made it through another year looking from this end of a daisy patch. Congratulations on that at least.

Remember this:     Cars & Coffee at Perks is going to be starting at 10 AM for this coming Saturday and also for February (Maybe for March unless warming trend).

Blessings Come in Small but Appreciated Packages

Cars & Coffee at Perks time change for January and February due to the Klindikish weather this time of year in good old St. George in the mornings. Everything else for this popular Car Guys Care organized function. Mainly this means I can still wear shorts and not get ice crystals on me knee caps.

Click right here to get the flyers   →   Cars & Coffee 1-2-16   →   Cars & Coffee 2-6-16

Not Much Time Left in 2015

The old adage, “Get ‘er done,” rings a bell right now since, as in life, we are running out of time.

One more local car dealie-bobber to go this year   →  Hot Rod Hangout . What a great year for Hot Rodding, Car Shows, and everything car related it has been around these here parts. It never ceases to amaze us how active the collector car culture is here in this DesertCruzin region. 

Merry Christmas to ALL

Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who views this site and especially those of you who participate.

For all who may be interested – this Saturday, December 26th at 9:30 AM (or thereabouts) let’s meet for a little breakfast at Bishop’s West Sunset. No biggie and no organization. I called over and gave them a heads up and hope to get a return call this afternoon (Thursday about 11:30 AM making this post) from Joe to let me know if that would be OK…They do NOT do reservations and they do get a little busy around that time on a Saturday. Arriving a little early may be a good thing.

The Ivins Veterans Center gift card delivery quick deal was made right after Hot Rod Hangout Wednesday and about 13 made the drive in the fog infested morning….by the time we got out to Santa Clara the sun was a typical Southern Utah bright and sunny morning. T see a couple of photos just click right here → Vets Gift Delivery Photos

Trippin’ at Freddy’s – Saturday, Dec. 26th 


Car Enthusiasts Do Good Stuff

A combination of several of the car clubs, car social groups, and just groups of car loving friends really do great things for our communities. I will start a little ways back and remind you of just a few things we, as car lovers, have done this past year. If you get the time let me know what I have missed and I will add it to the list.

One thing for sure and for certain…the more we all work together the better we become!

Just a few for now:

  • May 9th the Desert Rodders‘ Tuacahn Car Show raises funds to support the Ivins Veterans Home
  • September is the big Kiwanis Red Rock Show in Santa Clara supporting the All Abilities Park – Thanks Murray
  • October was a big month:     Desert Rodders Trunk-or-Treat at Iceberg, Car Guys Care 1st Responders Car Show Downtown, Mesquite Classic Car Owners do charity car show at the Eureka
  • December brought us the Desert Rodders Annual Food Drive at Iceberg to support the Utah Food Bank, Car Guys Care pulled of the largest Toys for Tots single event in Southern Utah EVER, DesertCruzin’s All Inclusive Christmas Dinner raised funds for the Ivins Veterans Home, The Desert Rodders Christmas dinner supported the Shop with a Cop program

DesertCruzin Christmas Informal Dinner – Open to ALL

DesertCruzin Christmas Dinner Monday, December 21st at Golden Corral 3:30 PM (so we can get the “Early Bird Special” which goes until 4 PM).

Let’s all do something really great again this year  ↓

Everyone buys their own meal and, IF YOU DESIRE, please purchase an additional $10 Gift Certificate per person, or what you wish, so we can take them out to the Ivins Veterans Home residents. Last year we took out a bundle of them, and were they ever pleased. No pressure to do this. Last Christmas we gathered up & delivered 65 $10 gift certificated to our Much Appreciated Veterans.

DesertCruzin Xmas

Toys for Tots Delivery Volunteers Needed Saturday

Anyone who can get a break from their busy Holiday schedule please come out to help the Marine Corps Reserves finish up their Toys for Tots deliveries….this is a great effort and everyone is encouraged to join in the great feeling it gives to all.

9:30 Am on Saturday at 4012 South River Rd #4E, St. George just past Sunrock Block Plant. There will be some small signs out to direct volunteers.

For any additional information contact Shane at

DesertCruzin ALL INCLUSIVE Invitation

DesertCruzin Christmas Dinner Monday, December 21st at Golden Corral 3:30 PM so we can get the “Geezers Early Bird Special” for those over whatever age we need to be. There is even a small chance I will qualify for that one. Everyone who loves cars and food may join in, and no club affiliation necessary.

Everyone buys their own meal and, IF YOU DESIRE, please purchase an additional $10 Gift Certificate, or what you wish, so we can take them out to the Ivins Veterans Home residents. Last year we took out a bundle of them, and were they ever pleased. No pressure to do this.

DesertCruzin Xmas

Hangout Wednesday & More…….

Hot Rod Hangout is always an unexpected please as no one has a clue how many or who may show up…One thing for sure is it will be fun….The average attendance is 39-40.

Maybe someone can give us a hand on IDing a car……

I recently purchased a 1962 chevrolet impala SS 409/409 in Idaho which came from southern Utah about 10 years ago. It apparently had a frame off restoration by a father -son team. It is a red coupe with a white roof and white interior. They did a nice job and I would love to locate them to get some history on the car–not too many cars like this around and was hoping someone in your club might remember this car. thank you. Kelley


Toys for Tots a BIG Hit Again

In spite of the cooler day the sun was bright and so were all the people coming out to support the Car Guys Care 5th Annual Toys for Tots in conjunction with the USMC Reserves. According to organizers this year topped all past years donations. 

With well over 90 Collector Cars and enthusiasts came out on the 12th and the parking lot was packed, and smiles were in abundance. Ricardo’s Manager, Clyde Behunin, made everyone feel welcome and offered some specials that were over the top. We would all like to thank, Clyde, Christie, Richard, Rick, and the rest of the gang there for their great service. Deon Mendenhall’s soft rock and amazing sound system added just the right touch to top off a fantastic day.

Shane Dastrup, Car Guys Care, put the word out there is still work to be done. Volunteers are needed to deliver the gifts to the children needing a little boost this Christmas this coming Saturday, December 19th. Generally each volunteer is given a map of 2-4 families to deliver to in a close area they wish to drive to. Each delivery person’s listed deliveries will be reasonably close to each other. They are given large Glad type bags filled with the gifts, contact information, and a detailed MapQuest printout.

The first photo below was taken well before the table and boxes were jammed full……For additional photos check out the following link   →   Toys for Tots Photos 2015

2015-12-12 11.17.35

2015-12-12 11.17.54 (2)

2015-12-12 11.18.13 2015-12-12 11.18.34 2015-12-12 11.18.53 2015-12-12 11.19.21 2015-12-12 12.56.59 2015-12-12 12.57.21 2015-12-12 12.57.25 2015-12-12 13.11.11 2015-12-12 13.11.14 2015-12-12 13.11.20 2015-12-12 13.11.43

2015-12-12 13.11.50 (2)