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Hot Rod Hangout & Cars & Coffee Coming On Up

Bear the cool today and things will start shaping up for a pretty good early December weather week for some Car Show Events.

  • Last Wednesday Hot Rod Hangout drew 45-48 folks to enjoy breakfast & chat….not too bad for the day before Thanksgiving, so I would image this week’s rowdy crew may be even larger. Remember to boogie on over about 9 AM or so, Come on out and grab a real nice parking spot, belly on up for some super good deals on menu items……as low as $3.99 for an all you can eat pancake stack.
  • Saturday around 9 AM is the forever popular Cars & Coffee at Perks on Sunset in St. George organized by Car Guys Care which means EVERYONE is welcome. Even though the “Official” start time is 0930 all year people shoot on over starting around 0900 to grab some primo parking, but there is plenty of room with easy access.

Here we go for Toys for Tots this year on December 12th 12 PM – 4 PM at Ricardo’s.

  • This is organized by Car Guys Care in support of the USMC Reserves effort to allow every child in our area to have an enjoyable Christmas when their families are in need of a little boost.
  • We all would hope everyone brings out an unwrapped gift or cash of any amount for a donation. Any cash donation buys gifts from Toy R Us at a huge discount, and all toys go to children in our area.
  • This is one of the DesertCruzin Region’s largest Car Shows with an expected 100+
  • A little side note is anyone bringing a car of any kind over there and mentioning Ricardo’s Facebook page can get a 2-for-1 meal on any menu item

For information on business sponsorships please contact Shane Dastrup at 435-619-9770 or just shoot him an Email at


Cruise to Leeds – A Perfect Combination!!!

A bright, shiny November morning, great cars, and most of all a group of amazing people made the cruise to Leeds & Silver Reef Cafe a memorable event. The only place traffic got a little stticky was right in the center of Hurricane, but that did not keep anyone down. The “Around the Lakes” cruise was without a hitch. I warned the Cafe people there may be 30 people show up, and 31 made it there to have breakfast.

Be sure to click here   →    More photos of Leeds Cruise

Leeds fm Burly

Larry & Sandy Taylor’s Chevy Pick Up is always a great addition to any event….food, fun, or fueling up. Parked right next to them is Don & JoAnn’s Corvette Roadster

2015-11-28 09.55.44

Paul Jacobsen reluctantly gets out of his amazing 1956 Nomad….One of the nicest you will ever see. (The Nomad I mean)  2015-11-28 09.55.55

Robert Burkhalter gazes at the line of cars at Silver Reef Behind Kathy Lineberry…..Background is Burly’s VW and in the center is Jim & Jan Tennell’s Black Mustang.


Young Burkhalter just wants a break ↑


You may be able to tell the temperature this morning by checking out all the coats.

DSC01536 DSC01537

Paul’s Nomad. I told him this morning he needs to make a change to it…Get it out more often!

DSC01538 DSC01541


Great Cruzin’ shot off Kenny G & Krusin’ Kris’s “HOTNWLD”

DSC01543 DSC01545 DSC01546 DSC01547

2015-11-28 09.55.44 (2) 2015-11-28 09.55.52 (2)

MMMMMM…Corvette, Corvette, Corvette & More Corvette!!!! Dang, I need to inherit some MOOLA! Why y0u ask? Because I’m too dang old and ornery to make my own.



2015-11-28 09.55.55 (2)

2015-11-28 09.55.52

Saturday Breakfast Cruise to Leeds & Freddy’s Later

Don’t mess around and sleep in too late (or, latte) to catch this cruise out to Silver Reef Cafe in Leeds, UT…..Let’s hook up about 9:15 AM in the Home Depot Parking Lot for a 9:30 Scootin’ of our Booties (When we leave we can skinny out on Telegraph through the entrance by McDonald’s and avoid the signal area trying to get the heck out of there). Drive whatever you wish. We will be heading up Telegraph to Hwy. 9 and out to Quail Lake turn off by DMV and up the old road to Leeds. For the return route lets head through Toquerville and Hurricane back way to Sand Hollow and via SR 7 to Washington Dam Rd.

Post Turkey

Cruise-In to Freddy’s will be from 4 PM – 7 PM if you want to make a day of the entire shebang, kit and caboodle, and whole enchilada:

Freddy's 11-28-15

Hangout – About 44 Hit Ricardo’s This Morning

I hope EVERYONE who came out to Hot Rod Hangout this morning appreciated Richard doing all the cooking, waiting, and most of the bussing…He ran around there lie a chicken without a head but kept it firmly attached and made a huge group enjoy the morning.

Hangout & Cruise Coming Down the Shoot

Hey, folks just because it is Turkey Week doesn’t mean there won’t be car stuff to take part in. Here are four fun things to do that I know of:

  • Hot Rod Hangout Wednesday 9 AM (or so) at Ricardo’s on South Bluff

  • Saturday there will be a Breakfast Cruise to Leeds & The Silver Reef Cafe – Meet Washington Home Depot about 9:15 AM for 9:30 Skidaddle up through Quail Back via Sand Hollow

  • Saturday Parade in Parowan 10 AM

  • Saturday Cruise-In about 4 PM at Freddy’s Steakburger

Iceberg Desert Rodders Food Drive

Nothing gets any better than a mini-Car Show that really does some good for our local communities. We have many great fundraiser Show & Shines, Cruise-Ins, & Car Shows all around this desert region with a lot of Collector Car Hobbyists, as well as community members, supporting all of us doing what we can to keep this area the best there is. Last night at Iceberg Drive-Inn & the Desert Rodders of Southern Utah’s Annual Food Drive was no exception.

Thanks Burly for sending these photos:

20151121_183454 20151121_183648

Desert Rodders Annual Food Drive Nov. 21st

The annual Food Bank Drive is sure to be a hit and a very worthwhile cause. The Desert Rodders of Southern Utah have always had some great causes they have chosen to support, and this one gives everyone a chance to support them and their cause.

2015-10-30 17.28.52

November Dragrace Ridgetop Photos

Just got these in from Shane Dastrup  ↓

20151114_161120 20151116_193541 FB_IMG_1444686365919 FB_IMG_1447727214321 FB_IMG_1447727223597 FB_IMG_1447727229406 FB_IMG_1447727276006 FB_IMG_1447727293652 FB_IMG_1447727314639 FB_IMG_1447727323612 FB_IMG_1447727345233 FB_IMG_1447727358465 FB_IMG_1447727363218 FB_IMG_1447727375723 FB_IMG_1447727388499 FB_IMG_1447727417852 FB_IMG_1447727434161 FB_IMG_1447727455101 FB_IMG_1447727458837 FB_IMG_1447727485670

Zion Harley Car Show a SMASH Hit

There should never be any problems getting support for our military and there surely wasn’t last Saturday at Zion Harley. Thier fundraiser Car Show, Show & Shine, and Cruise-In was Fantabulous. Great people doing great things will always be appreciated…..Even a FREE lunch for DAV & only $5 for a real feast. Thanks Paul & Sara Winn for hitting us with these great photos, and thanks to all who supported Zion Harley and their event and graciousness to all. I heard about 50 cars total out there and too many bikes to count.

Be sure to check Ken’s Korner and see all the photos of this event and more on Memory Lane.

DSC01481 DSC01496 DSC01498 DSC01487

Drags/Vets Lunch/Rebels with a Cause

About everything a car person could ask for is happening tomorrow (Saturday) in the Southern Utah Area. Be sure to choose one two , or all three events to attend and support……None of them are a waste of time.

  • Drags with gates opening at 8 AM – Ridgetop Raceway
  • Vets Benefit Lunch and Show & Shine 10:30 AM – Whenever at Zion Harley
  • The always Cool Rebels with a Cause Cruise-In at Ricardo’s with amazing chow specials

Doemall!!!!!! It is nearly a must….or, whatever.

Side note:    This is a TRUE tale of JUNK FOOD!!!!!

Yours truly & the Boss visited our very first Whataburger the other day in San Antonio just to check it out…..We hope to be settled down from the miserable feeling it left with Linda and me now since it has been 5 days. I guess our biggest fear now is we will soon get one in St. George and some of our good friends will invite us to “give it a try” with them….we hate to be rude, but we are already added to the, “Sorry, we already have plans,” list that day.