Finally Some Good Old Desert Car Show Weather

Anyone out there remember what movie this line came from, “Chances are if we don’t already know about it we aren’t too interested in finding out about it.” Well, that’s kind of how I feel when I watch the news anymore. Other than a few special interest stories that are uplifting most of the news is a bunch of scary stuff. On the upside of that little blip is the fact that this time of year more than about any other there is more to do than you can shake a stick at in the Car Show/Collector Car world. By the way, our good “Car Gal” friend, Cheryl Rogers-Barnett, will be presenting some stories about her life and showing a video on her father, “Roy Roger: In His Own Words” this Saturday at the St. George Art Museum. Click on the photo below to see it in larger view  ↓


So many of our friends are on road trips right now or about to leave on a road trip….I’m jealous. For one who loves being at home so much, I can’t believe I could road trip for months at a time (and have). Not his summer though for us. Our next road trip, which is already planned, will be cruising to Lake Havasu City, AZ for the Annual “Run to the Sun” Car Show, October 21st thru the 25th, & about 6 days of continual fun car stuff to do from the cruise down there, to touring the build shops, to the Show & Shines, to the Cruise-Ins, to the Poker Run, to the free dinners, to the Cha-Bones experience (my favorite), to the actual On-the Grass Car Show, and to the cruise back home it is one of the coolest car things we have ever been to…..Usually about 16-20 Southern Utah locals attend which makes it all the better.

Just a little cruise op coming up on Tuesday as the Mesquite Classic Car Owners meet at Play Offs in Mesquite at 5 PM for their Monthly Show & Shine……I think we will head down and join them since they make a great effort to come up this way to join in our activities….In fact, the last three car things in this are were well attended by Mesquite, NV, Bunkerville, NV, Scenic Springs, AZ, Littlefield, AZ, Beaver Dam, AZ, & Littlefield, AZ. We, Southern Utahans have cruised down their way for car things about 6 times this year already and wanting to do it more often….Come on and join in whether you want to drive your Classics or just passenger vehicles. The group from here loves to hit Los Lupes, but I think we will try the world famous BBQ ribs at Play Offs this time.


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