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Zinger Weather for the Weekend Car Shows

TODAY – Findlay Food Truck Friday – 11 AM – 1:30 PM Come on out for food, fumes & fun!

Yeh, oh yeh! Let’s get out and enjoy this weekend weather to the fullest no matter what your interest at the moment seems to be….we may not get a lot of cars out to the Cars & Coffee at Perks on Saturday since so many of us car guys & gals have entered the Ironman Contest……OK! OK! Stop the laughing. A true “Ironman” to me is a guy with a ’54 Chevy that overheats and he keeps nursing it to get to all the car events.

Also, don’t forget abo8ut the amazing Car Show in Page this weekend, Saturday afternoon & Saturday in Page, AZ presented by the Lake Powell Cruisers held on the grass in the middle of town…..Page apparently is not as obstinate about cars on the grass as good old St. George….just imagine a ginormous car show on the grass at Vernon Worthen Park….MMMMMMM!

Boulder City Rod Run Fri-Sat-Sun Be sure to check the car shows page on this site for the flyer with times and locations…..This Car Show is in Conjunction with the Boulder City Jamboree

Forgotten term of the day, “Things went haywire.”   –   I’ll bet if you ask anyone under 30 what that means they may tell you, “That’s when my Facebook account doesn’t work.”

Perks Cars & Coffee   ↓

Cars & Coffee 930

I don’t care who you are or what your political persuasions are….THIS is funny  ↓

Texas Attitude

One day, a very gentle Texas lady was driving across a high bridge in Austin.
As she neared the top of the bridge, she noticed a young man fixin’ to jump. 

(fixin’ in Texas means:  has the means or abilities to take action)

She stopped her car, rolled down the window and said, “Please don’t jump!

Think of your dear mother and father.”

He replied, “My mom and dad are both dead; I’m going to jump.”

She said, “Well, think of your sweet wife and precious children.”

He replied, “I’m not married, and I don’t have any kids.”

She said, “Well, then you just remember the Alamo.”

He replied, “What’s the Alamo?”

She replied, “Well, bless your heart!!    You just go ahead and jump . . .
. . .  you little Yankee, Obama lovin’, Democrat bastard!  You’re holdin’ up traffic!!”

Weary or Wicked? No Rest Either Way! Car Shows Abound!

Beat the Heat! on Wednesday Morning at Ricardo’s!

With a projected 92 degree day on Wednesday, come on out early and join in the friendship & fun at Hot Rod Hangout casual Show & Shine, Cruise-In, and Car Show at Ricardo’s Mexican/American Restaurant located at 1112 South Bluff Street in St. George, Utah at about 9 AM before it has a chance to get a little warm. Even with the great weekly turnout it really is too bad not more try this out. Low, low key event with chow & chat for everyone. We think this is about the best parking lot in town for this type of Cruise-In. The breakfasts are inexpensive, and with the new management, everything is better and better.

Remember, FREE drinks with food order for Hangout…….Hangout Winter 930

The rainy Saturday ended up being less than appropriately attended for several well planned Collector Car Related events:

  • The Cruise to Kanab & Mt. Carmel Junction was a fun event, but the cruise planned by The Day Trippers never materialized, so a handful of the Red Rock Roadrunners cruise up for breakfast at the Thunderbird joined by some from the St. George area
  • We’re sure the organizers of the Cotton Days Car Show in Washington City were disappointed at the weather related turnout, but everyone there we spoke with had a great time

Forgotten term of the day, “It’s time to pack your grips.”

Weekend Looking Big Time

Forgotten saying of the day – “He’s such a square.” 

You really need to take the couple of mionutes it takes to watch this “Beany’s” video sent in by Paul Linford   → We were told it was 1952 in Long Beach, CA – It looks really good using the full screen view option

If you think you can believe certain government agencies check this out   →

Really nothing to do with cars per se on this new page on DesertCruzin, but I thought it would be fun to check out some of our Collector Car friends & their great pets

Coming down the line this week:

  • Friday & Saturday is the   →   Relay For Life 4-24 and 25   →   Elna    →    Elna Explain
  • Saturday Early AM is the Day Trippers cruise to Kanab…….if interested be sure to let Mark know soon
  • Saturday is the Cotton Days Parade & Car Show in Washington City   →   Cotton Days 4-25-15
  • Saturday is the Freddy’s Steakburger Cruise-In just north of Costco 5 PM – 7 PM   →   Freddy’s 4-25-15


Saturday Was great! We Have Certainly Found Car Show Heaven.

Really nothing to do with cars per se on this new page on DesertCruzin, but I thought it would be fun to check out some of our Collector Car friends & their great pets

All kinds of car related stuff going on Saturday and seemed like everyone was happy, happy! Be sure to check out the “Memory Lane” section and see the Mesquite Airport photos   →

Coming down the line this week:

  • Wednesday is Hangout at 9, or so, and if you haven’t made it out before come on over. If you haven’t made it out in a while get back in the groove….Very inexpensive breakfasts with free drinks with your meal….not designer style. However, they do have a complete espresso service there, and everything is available.   →   Hangout Winter 930
  • Friday is Finlay’s Food Truck Friday 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM   →   Food Truck Friday 4-24-15
  • Friday & Saturday is the   →   Relay For Life 4-24 and 25   →    Elna    →    Elna Explain
  • Saturday Early AM is the Day Trippers cruise to Kanab…….if interested be sure to let Mark know soon
  • Saturday is the Cotton Days Parade & Car Show in Washington City   →   Cotton Days 4-25-15
  • Saturday is the typical Freddy’s Steakburger Cruise-In just north of Costco 5 PM – 7 PM   →   Freddy’s 4-25-15


Barreling Down on More Car Show Stuff

Forgotten term for now is   →   “Dumber than a fence post.”

For those who would rather cruise than sit on your duff, here is the ticket for Saturday   →   April 18th – Saturday“Eating Not Meeting” Cruise to Mesquite Airport Show & Shine & Lunch at Los Lupes…Depart 10 AM and lunch about 11, Mesquite time, after about an hour, or so, at Show & Shine…..Let’s do it, ”JUST FOR KICKS” – Be sure to check the flyer at: 

And, before Iceberg or Hangout in Cedar City is this:

Just a reminder for next week starting on Tues. April 21st and then on April 24th.
Thanks for your help!!!!  Elna (Oscar’s Wife):-D    →   Relay For Life 4-24 and 25      →    Elna    →     Elna Explain


You Won’t Believe this Video

This thing is AMAZING…..we need one of these to do this webpage…much smarter, better balanced, and only needs electricity to recharge ↓

“CAR”umba! What a Week Ahead for Car Shows

Forgotten word for today is, “She was no bigger than a minute.” (I really wonder if anyone under 45, or so, has ever heard it or used it)

Starting out Wednesday with Hangout is always always a great Collector Car Enthusiast’s easy going morning   →   Hangout Winter 930

Next on tap Friday is the Annual Sterling Court Car Show & FREE lunch at 10:00 AM until 1 PM   →   Sterling Court 4-17-15

As is the norm for Fridays this time of year, the weekly Findlay’s Food Truck Friday 11 AM – 1:30 PM   →   Food Truck Friday 4-3-15 And, there is plenty of time to make an appearance at both of these if you wish

For Saturday we will be cruising to Mesquite Airport for their fundraise for youngsters and Lunch at Los Lupes – Depart Ricardo’s Parking Lot at about 9 AM & lunch will be about 11   →   Eating NOT Meeting 4-18-15

Also, Saturday is the monthly Iceberg at 5 PM   →   Iceberg 3rd Saturday New Hours

Again, Hangout in Cedar City with the Iron County Rodders 6 PM   →   Iron County Rodders Hangout

“Rebels With a Cause” Big & Better & More

A total of 42 “In & Out” cruisers took advantage of about the nicest afternoon/evening we have had this year in St. George at this monthly Show & Shine, Cruise-In, Car Show at Ricardo’s. We have never witnesses so many spectators, and we are sure the staff at Ricardo’s would agree with that…they were literally “jumping” to take care of everyone. I heard no negative comments about the food or service, and they were jammed. This is a combined effort by “Car Guys Care” & “DesertCruzin”   Rebels with a Cause 2nd Sat

The parking lot looked really cool filled with Corvettes (old & new), Camaros, Rat Rods, Mustangs (old & new), Sports Cars, Street Rods, “T” Buckets, Convertibles, and on and on and on, etc………..

2015-04-12 09.36.17

This is the only photo we have right now, but Estaban tells me he wills end some of his and actually has a video he is trying to get in order to send us.

Our fellow “Rebel”, Patrick Curtis, sent us this link to his latest article….be sure to pull up the archived articles the “Crossdraw Kid” has contributed over the years….Thanks Col.

Yesterday afternoon several of us “Rebels” attended the Santa Clara Canyon View Park’s Homecoming celebration for Britton Shipp, young man injured in ATV rollover accident, after spending over 160 days in the care of Dixie Regional Medical & Affiliates. What an amazing family & community showing love & support….Our photos aren’t the best, but click on them to view larger… was Awe Inspiring to be there!!!!!!!!! Not a dry eye in the house……NONE!!!!

2015-04-11 13.11.32 2015-04-11 13.22.55 2015-04-11 13.22.57 2015-04-11 13.23.11

Warbirds Ended Up BIG Show & Shine

Before getting into the article is a reminder to come on our for the “Rebels With a Cause” Cruise-In/Shiow & Shine at Ricardo’s 5 PM – 7:30 PM This afternoon

Verging on becoming another Car Show, the Fly-In/Drive-In at the Warbirds SGU Museum was a real nice event & we are pretty sure they made some good money for he Utah Honor Flight……Hundreds of people showed up. What began as just breakfast ended up with the organizers opening up the tarmac for all the Collector Cars with three rows being used…..Corvettes, Mustangs, Mopars, Cobras, and on and on and on. We had to throw in Carson’s 1962 SS from Food Truck Friday as well   ↓

2015-04-10 12.05.34

Rick Carson was showing off his latest acquisition….1962 ALL numbers matching Impala SS 409….”Giddy Up Giddy Up 409″

2015-04-10 12.05.48

Pristine from the hoses, clamps, and tags……this is one beauty 

2015-04-10 12.09.53

Original (still nubbies) 8.00-14

2015-04-10 12.12.33

This is one of the most popular and recognizable emblems in auto history

2015-04-11 11.02.53

No slouch is Dr. Mark’s 1982 BRIGHT Red Corvette

Rev ‘Em Up & Keep ‘Em Ready – Car Shows

Busy, Busy, Busy —————- Go ahead….Just try to relax….We dare you!

Forgotten Term off the Day – “Drop, Duck & Cover”

For a semi-complete listing of Collector Car related events in our regions be sure to check the Car Shows section of this site.