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Two Upcoming Cruises – Not Car Shows

Neither of the following are Club or Group specific and all are welcome!

Saturday Morning meet at Washington Home Depot Parking Lot for 9 AM shove off to cruise up to Silver Reef Cafe in Leeds, UT. And, since the weather may not be nice and sunny we will go regardless of weather…difference is we will just take passenger vehicles and enjoy breakfast just the same.

Tuesday after noon we will meet at the Bloomington Dickey’s Parking Lot and cruise down to Mesquite for a late lunch at Los Lupes Mexican Restaurant. We will launch off at 3 PM and scoot down I-15 since Tuesday is a low traffic volume day through the Virgin River Gorge. Then, the real purpose of the trip is to meet at 5 PM at Play Offs Sports Pub to join the Mesquite Classic Car Owners who meet there the first Tuesday off each month. Our friend Tom Fulton is the contact down there and has supported many Southern Utah events.

Mesquite Area classic car owners

Recent Additions on Site

We attempt to keep the information as fresh as we have energy for and add some new things hopefully to make the site meaningful. Thanks to all of you who contribute time and energy assisting me with photos, stories, updates, and anything else.

Thank You!

  • Check out “Roy’s & Dales Tales” on the “Memory Lane” section for updated story. Updated 1-28-15
  • Updated 1-28-15 Hot Rod Hangout 1-28-15 in “Memory Lane” under “Car & Truck Shows”
  • Grand National Roadster Show 2015 in Pomona photos also on the “Memory Lane” section under “Car & Truck Shows.”
  • In the “Classified” section check out the steal on a 1964 Mercury.
  • Under the “Car Shows-Upcoming” be sure to check out the latest “Tentative” plans for the Drags at Ridgetop Raceway.
  • Information on the upcoming “Tuacahn 5-9-14” and more information coming soon. Top Menu Bar.
  • Some updated photos on the Slide Show above—–Remember you can click on the little dots on the bottom of the photo area to move to whichever photo you wish.
  • The posting right below this one is updated.


Coming Up This Next 7 Days

FIRST:    Check this out. Keith Downey, our Canadian speed/hot rodder friend, sent this down: Be sure to use full screen. Let me know what are a few things that really caught your eye….remember this is 1957 LA NOT 1953 like the intro says….it takes car guys to understand how to date old stuff. Really cool how they get the little ID numbers on the lower left to beat to the music or bounce to the bumps in the road….weird how both seem to matter.

Mainstay of local hot rodding seems to have become the Wednesday morning (9:30) Hot Rod Hangout at Ricardo’s on South Bluff in St. George – On any given Wednesday 35-45 show up and as many as 65. A good representation of all clubs usually attend, but there are still some hard old boys who won’t take part…Oh, Well! Not our problem. Just come on our and have fun. You never know from one week to the next who will show – or who won’t!

By the way, be sure to hit the arrow over on the slide show on this page and check out the new photos. If you would care to have your vehicle highlighted there just pop me the photo you wish to use.

Hangout Fall Winter 2014-15


Saturday in Cedar City is the “Saturday Night Fix” at The Fix Family Ice Cream Treatery 1760 North Main St. Everyone is welcome….6 PMish Hosted by The Iron County Rodders

Red Rock Roadrunner Kanab monthly Cars & Coffee – To confirm time & place be sure to contact Louis Pratt at or 435-899-0945

Kanab C & C 

Red Rock Roadrunners

Lots of BIG Stuff Just Over, But New Coming Soon

If you haven’t had your fill this past week, you may want to cruise on down to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the Charity event tomorrow (Sunday)

January 25th – Sunday – This sounds like an amazing thing to do and contribute as well –

Cruise-In/Car Show Dixie Sunset Plaza

We will be getting a few together to cruise to Mesquite on Feb. 3rd for the Mesquite guys monthly meeting at Play-Offs Sports Pub. Be sure to check out the Upcoming Car Shows section of this site.

Friday & Saturday

Click on the following link for information on this big 4X4 Southern Utah event…maybe the largest in this area…..Thanks Steve Friend for sending this info:


Always a great turnout at Trippin’ at Freddy’s Cruise-In and Show & Shine – Located on 3050 East just N/O Costco. Bring your chairs or plan on plenty of sore feet……two per person max. – Not chairs…Feet! Bishop’s, Ichiban’s, and a couple other great food choices within a couple hundred feet.

Freddy’s 1-24-15

New Car Show Information

Checkout the following:

Also, what’s coming down the pike in the next bit:

For additional listings of Car Shows, Cruise-Ins, and Show & Shines be sure to visit:

You Must be Kidding! Car Show?

Those of you in the Southern Utah Region have no idea what you are missing by not coming out to Hot Rod Hangout on Wednesdays – Missing What, You Say? There were 54 people out this morning and lots of the regulars were absent and didn’t show up. It is just a fun get together with those who share the love of Collector Cars of any kind, shape, or size Breakfast as low as $3.99 and a great menu of $4.29 choices with a free drink. Thank you all at Ricardo’s for being so inviting and friendly.  It is not a Car Show, but it is starting to feel that way once in a while….These are just a few of the photos with more to follow.

 AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! Be sure to visit the Memory Lane section of this poage to view more photos and additional information.

2015-01-14 09.29.46 2015-01-14 09.29.49 2015-01-14 09.29.51 2015-01-14 10.15.23 2015-01-14 10.16.11 2015-01-14 10.18.15 2015-01-14 10.18.17 2015-01-14 10.18.19 2015-01-14 10.18.22 2015-01-14 10.18.24 2015-01-14 10.18.37 2015-01-14 10.18.43 2015-01-14 10.18.45 2015-01-14 10.18.59 2015-01-14 10.19.03 2015-01-14 10.19.06 2015-01-14 10.27.41

Birthday Bash @ Hangout Wednesday

Birthday Bash is happening Wednesday at 9:30 at Ricardo’s celebrating all those Hot Rodders & Car Lovers who have birthday this month. Ricardo’s will chip in for a birthday dessert for all those with birthdays this month with a purchased breakfast which includes a free coffee or other drink. It matters not if you are a regular at Hangout or not. It matters not which club or group you are associated with…JUST COME ON OUT for nothing more than FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

“Hot Rod Hangout”

Ricardo’s Each Wednesday

Year-around Hours 9:30 AM – 11 AM

Arrive any time after 9:00 AM

All Clubs and Independents Welcome!

Recurring Weekly Event

1110 South Bluff, St. George, Utah

This location was formally Claim Jumper

Free Regular Coffee for Participants ONLY when Ordering Entre

Just a friendly, casual get together and cruise-In

Hangout Fall Winter 2014-15

Paradise Bakery Cruise-In was “PARADISE”

To my count I know of at least 47 cars of all types and persuasions came out this morning in spite of the threatening rain (But, it stayed dry the whole time). A huge surprise to all of us locals was the group who drove over from Kanab. The Red Rock Roadrunners had a few great cars there enjoying the Show & Shine & breakfast. The mix of cars was amazing from Hot Rods, Classics, Speed, Mustangs, Corvettes (I think none from Color Country), Pick Ups, Young & Old Kids, and more. Too bad the flu is out and about this time of year or no telling how many we could have had there showing off to the many Lookie-Loos.

This event has become very popular this winter, and we hope it can continue as a great mixed club event as to not exclude or specifically cater to any particular group off vehicles. This week there were people there from no less than 13 clus/groups…….The way it should be.


Cruise-In Show & Shine Paradise Bakery This Morning

9:30 is the time to be at Paradise Bakery on River Road in front of Staples…..Lot’s of great parking and plenty of seating and good stuff to eat and drink.

Hopefully the Weather Service is correct and the rain will come this afternoon.