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Never Ceased Being Amazed – Ricardo’s Hot Rod Hang Out

We try to make as many of the collector car hobby events we are able. One of our favorite has always been the Hot Rod Hangout at Ricardo’s each Wednesday at 9:30 AM. This morning (New Year’s Eve Morning) 33 car lovers showed up for chat and breakfast. With the set-up always being ready for us thanks to Chastity, Robin, and Cory we always feel welcome. Breakfast including coffee runs about $4.29 plus tax. We all appreciate them very much with their friendly, smiling faces. Last Wednesday (Christmas Eve Morning) we had 40 there….AMAZING! This morning there were even a couple of classics brought out which surprised us all since the weather was absolutely freezing and appeared to be threatening snow…..Thanks Reg & Oscar.

Hangout is a weekly get together with no specific club or group affiliation which began about four years ago at Jazzy’s Rock N Roll Grill and after a couple of years moved to Ricardo’s because of the great parking situation there…..We still love Jazzy’s by the way!

So many miss this due to some preconceived notions it is put on by a certain club……NOT! If you miss it that is OK, but please don’t do it for all the wrong reasons.

We hope to a good turnout for Cars & Coffee at Perks on Sunset Saturday morning at 10:00 AM……great food choices, coffees, and other drinks. Inside seating is plentiful for those not wanting to stand around the parking lot…..CU There!     →    Cars & Coffee 2015

Shucks! Probably Regular Cars Tomorrow – “The Beat Goes On”

Just because the weather forecast, if you can believe those things, is not looking real great doesn’t mean we can’t have a great turnout and lots off fun tomorrow morning at Hangout. We thought last week, being Christmas Eve morning, we wouldn’t have many out but had a full house (about 30).

So jump out of the sack, hop in a hot shower, warm up the seat heaters in you regular passenger car, and boogie on over to Ricardo’s for breakfast, coffee, & chat.

Also, let’s hope we get some decent sunshine Saturday at Cars & Coffee at Perks.



Coffee Cars

Hangout Coming Wednesday & Mesquite Car Show – Twice in January

Here we are again on New Year’s Eve morning at Ricardo’s……Try to make this one for the last of the 2014 events, and right around the corner is Cars & Coffee on January 3rd……Holy Moly…2015!!!!!!

January is an amazing time around the Southwest for car shows, car auctions, and some amazing cruise-ins & cruises. 

It is so unusual to get a real accurate weather forecast in this area. I know it must be very difficult since generally the storms will “split” just to the south of Mesquite….frequently we will see storms to both the north and to the southeast of us on any given storm warning day. Let’s all keep a good thought and hope the upcoming forecast for late Tuesday through Friday is ac curate……we need all the moisture we can get in small doses. That whole 2 inches in 45 minutes seems to be a little tough around here. 

Hangouts Winter

Trippin’ at Freddy’s – Car Show/Cruise-In

Last one of the year from 2 PM – 5 PM……..come & go as you please.

It is early this Saturday temp.

Freddy’s 12-27-14

By the way, does anyone know who ran over this Mermaid Parrot, or is it an old bearded man with long white hair (Santa) and his right arm hanging down, or is it?????



To All of YOU Great Friends




Hot Rod Hangout – Wow!

Christmas Eve morning was a huge turnout at Ricardo’s for a Holiday Type day. A mass of beautiful cars came out hauling their 40 people. A gift presentation was made for a job well done, a huge tray of goodies from Milt & Jean, and good laughs and friendships all around. What a great morning to kick off the day.

Paul & Sara took & sent in some photos – It is sure a good thing for us they take so many of them since most of us usually forget to take any:


We were sure enjoying the breakfast desserts


The tables starting to fill up pretty quickly this morning



it’s pretty hard to sneak up on some of these folks


Lynda listens to Reg tell one of his famous fishing stories 



Something sure got their attention all at once….It could have been the guys doing the Hula


Paul & Ken give a Christmas gift to Shane & Yvonne


It was sure nice to see Gary & Paula come out after a long hiatus….Since Keith headed back to Canada we were short of “Northern Friends”


Chastity, Corey, & Robin….We always appreciate them taking good car of our group….EVERY Wednesday


Kind of a gruesome lot



Karen & Jack in front off a couple of their famous Rats



Jim & Jan enjoy a “Corvette Photo Op” with friends Roni & Frank….What a nice pair of great ‘Vettes (and, great people)

Veteran’s Run Almost Car Show

This morning Collector Car Hobbyists, parents, and students met at Lin’s parking lot off West Sunset Blvd. and cruised out to the Ivins Veterans Home to deliver crafts & gift cards to the residents for Christmas. Laura Bautista (AllGens Camaro Club of Southern Utah) had some of her Bloomington Elementary School students and their parents meet us to hand-off their handmade potholders and neck warmers along with 61 gift cards collected at last night’s Hot Rodder’s Christmas Dinner held at Ocean Buffet.

It has been several months since we met out at the Veterans Home for another fundraiser and Car Show organized by Ron & Sandy Helm and the Desert Rodders of Southern Utah, and we were amazed once again at all of the energy, care, and fantastic setting. The people caring for these Veteran Residents are some of the greatest people on earth….only fitting for this amazing group of Veterans.

See some of the great photos below taken by Sara Winn:



“Nobody don’t like” Dave & Diane’s ’40


“The Little Yellow Peril” is a nice touch anywhere thanks to Larry & Cheryl


Frank & Roni’s ’67 couldn’t get much better nor could tthe


This is only a smidge off the bright colored Camaros that showed up


The Old ’38 “SeDodo”


Some of the students pose there with Laura


A group just milling about


Richard, Vets Home Resident, poses in front of our group in the lobby


Ken & Linda present the gift cards to Vie, their Rec reational Therapist


In one off the pod lobbies a train set up…..some of the trains there are actually property of some of the great men & women who served our country & now reside in this magnificent Care Center


Vie gave some of us a tour

Veterans Home Fundraiser Lots of Fun

52 people had dinner at Ocean Buffet this evening, but more people dropped off gift certificates who couldn’t make it to dinner….Thanks to all.

I apologize more than I can say for being stupid enough to do a door prize quiz since it is only human to error. I was called out for my errors and promise it will never happen again. PAUL was RIGHT – I was WRONG! It was just meant to be fun, confusing, and so I could lie like hell apparently. 1961 was the correct year, as quite a few of you already knew. MY BAD, MY BAD, MY BAD…… can I give it a break from 5 year old competition? SHAME ON ME SHAME ON ME SH………….

Thanks to those who participated, chipped in certificates, and to those who helped with decorations. Also, thanks to some old friends for coming out who we haven’t seen for a while and some new folks up from Mesquite we hope to get to know better.

Anyone who wishes to be involved in the delivery of the certificates to the Vets Home meet at about 9:30-9:45 tomorrow morning at Lin’s Market Parking Lot on Sunset for a quick cruise out there.

2014-12-22 16.16.01

↑↑ Roni & Frank above

↓↓ Some of Paul & Sara’s handiwork

2014-12-22 16.16.20

Linda Kay getting some of her stuff ready to rock ↓↓

2014-12-22 16.16.22

Below Frank & Roni Diaz busy getting decorations out before the crowd arrived 

2014-12-22 16.16.25

Of the few photos I did take I did not get Paul and Sara in any of them….they were responsible for lots of the decorations and hard work.

2014-12-22 16.42.06

The certificate drop off table organized by Linda

2014-12-22 16.42.18

Below Stan Snow shows Reg Browne a little convertible he recently picked up for Carmen

2014-12-22 16.46.24


2014-12-22 16.46.45

The following photos are from Sara & her mega-camera




Paul, Sara, Roni, & Frank


Shane, Jim, & Jeri


Jeri, Yvonne, Susan, Don


Paul, Cathie, Jim, Norm, Patty, Jim, Jan, Teri’s family, teri, Roni, & FraTk


Susan, Susan, Don, Ken, Ray


Russ, Geri, Stan, Carmen, Cheryl, Anabel, Patrick


Gerry, Chall, Darrel, John, Darlene, Randy


The group other than the ones back to refill their platters


Shane, Yvonne, Helen, Owen, Jim, Jeri


You already know


Tubby making an ass out of himself


Randy praying to the calorie gods


Linda’s cool collection table


Jim, Patty, Anabel


Patrick & Paul




Jeri & Yvonne


Toys for Tots Deliveries a Gigantic Event

Over 100 volunteers in 68 vehicles showed up this morning to package, load, and deliver the Toys and other gifts collected from the numerous Toys for Tots events over the past few weeks. We were amazed at the huge turnout and all the smiling faces. Even though there was a lot more work to be done people were chipping in and getting stuff done.

Our hats go off to retired Marine Gy. Sgt. Rick Massey for taking on this huge task. It was sure great to see all of the Marines there – both active and inactive. We took a couple dozen terrible donuts (and I do mean TERRIBLE) over there about 9 AM and they didn’t even last 10 minutes. It was a great traffic jam to have. The warehouse was adequate to handle the toys and storage but pushed to bursting with the amazing traffic pattern created to get vehicles through the building and loaded to hit the road. Thank goodness a few people saw the need to do nothing but direct traffic.

Our SUV was packed to its gills, but it took less than an hour to get everything delivered using the information given with each huge plastic bag bursting at its seems with gifts. Donating the toys and cash was a great feeling but nothing as great as seeing the looks on parents, and kids, faces as we passed them to the families. We are already excited for next year. We have no doubt this event would not have been anything this great without all of the Collector Car Hobbyists chipping in to donate, handle, and deliver everything there. Thank you all.

Photos by Sara Winn:

DSC04889 DSC04890 DSC04891 DSC04892 DSC04896 DSC04898 DSC04899 DSC04901 DSC04905 DSC04906 DSC04908 DSC04912 DSC04916 DSC04918 DSC04919 DSC04920 DSC04921

Toys for Tots Deliveries

To ALL who can help out with delivering packages for the combined Toys for Tots program tomorrow morning:

Please show up at 9:30 AM at 3050 East 450 North, St. George….Just drive a little South past Costco (coming from North) to 3050 East and turn right & about 100 yards look for the Toys for Tots Box on the right.
Even if you only have time to drop off one gift your help is needed & appreciated.