New GAS Pumps in Town

Even we “Old Duffers” have to admit the times they are a changin’ and there really isn’t any such thing as “the good old days” anymore. It is historically thought by many that the following three groups are the most resistant to change…..Law enforcement, teachers, and hot rodders. Just a couple of examples in hot rodding that may make a little sense:

  • When the change was started on automobile paint base products most of us thought it was dumber than heck
  • Fiberglas hot rod bodies are now great
  • Fuel injected oldies are getting very popular
  • Electric cars that are cool

We must admit the jury is still out on the above but gaining ground on all fronts. I am one who really appreciates great marketing ideas and promotions. I have no idea if these are free, you have to go into Starbucks and get authorization, or just what the deal is on these. However, can you imagine if Starbucks did these at everyone of their locations they have the room to do it how much extra business they would get…Free Wi-Fi, free charging stations, great coffee, great snacks (food at some locations)…….MMMMMM! Also, they are unlike, say, Camille’s on St. George Blvd. who usually makes you feel like you need to get out when you are finished with meal… can actually hangout there.

POINT to be made – a few days ago we were going to breakfast at The Egg & I behind one of the Starbucks in St. George and noticed some underground utility work going on near the complex entryway. Neither of us had any idea what was taking place there. This morning we went back to have a bite, and Holy Moly look what we found ↓ Of, course, the name “Tesla” on these is just the brand name of the charging stations but may be used to charge any standard electric vehicle. You may click on any photo to enlarge…YIKES!!!!!

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