Cool Day for Hangout at Ricardo’s

With the cooler forecasted weather there should be a very good turnout in the morning at Hot Rod Hangout at Ricardo’s. Last Wednesday was like a true Car Show with the folks from Nevada Rides joining in the fun. It is a good time for all with great parking and great food. Where else can you get a huge made to order breakfast for about 4 bucks with a free drink….doesn’t get much better than that. The people who take care of the group at Ricardo’s are friendly, efficient, and professional (Man, they work hard). Folks….this is not a club specific Cruise-In!!!!!! Most Wednesdays there are people from at least 5 local clubs and sometimes more than that…ALL Welcome. Independants, groups, out of towners, and everyone else.

Ricardo’s Wednesdays Hangout 9 AM

If 9 AM is too early for you then come at 10 or 10:30….any time is good.

Be sure to get the cars ready for Iceberg Saturday at 7 PM

Iceberg 6-21-14

Be sure to take note of the “Detailing Tip of the Month” provided by Paul Winn of Winn’s Restorations:

Hey Boys and Girls, here’s a easy way to get all those messy, Ugly bug guts off your pretty car or truck or motorcycle’s paint, chrome, or glass! The next time your washing it, first wet down the area with the bugs, then take a New Dryer Sheet, dip it in your water bucket, give it a light squeeze and lightly rub it across any parts of your vehicle having those bugs spattered on to it and “presto” they will start coming off like magic. Just remember to rinse and wash the area again before drying. Works like a champ so that you don’t have to use those petroleum base bug cleaners on your paint job. Although the paint will feel smooth, I would still recomend a fresh coat of wax where you removed the bugs, just to be safe. Well that’s the Tip of the month folks! Always here to help, call me anytime

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