Next Up on the Block – Hangout

It’s that time again and the weather is expected to be about as perfect as you can get around here, so let’s all get out there and show our favorite cars (or at least one of them) t Ricardo’s tomorrow at 10:00 AM for a Show & Shine….it’s about as close as you can get to a Car Show without really having one.

→→→   Ricardo’s Hangout Wednesdays

SATURDAY is the big cruise to meet our friends in Kanab….this is really going to be a fun deal

→→→    Kanab Cars & Coffee 3-29-14   

Marlene and myself (Mark Remington) will be at the meetup location in Hurricane around 7:15am and starting meeting folks. If you have walkie talkies, bring them and we can get a channel that works to keep in contact as we drive since cell phones don’t always work in the area. Don’t forget your camera and fuel up prior to going. Look forward to seeing everyone. Mark

March 29th – Saturday – “Hi all, the local car folks in Kanab have put a drive together for us as a group, to show us around their town and area. They have included a full day of sights from places where many western movie and TV shows were made, and where the stars stayed while there. They will be having their local Cars and Coffee meet when we arrive. Depending on the time, we will all drive to Mt. Carmel and do a late lunch, so plan on a full day.  Depart time is around 7:30am I hope everyone can make this event.” Mark

Let’s meet up at Stouts Furniture parking lot in Hurricane on Main St., right next to Wendy’s around 7:15 am and depart at 7:30 am. We will be taking 59 to 389 and 89A to Kanab. It’s about 62 miles from Hurricane and the most direct route without fighting the Zion NP traffic. We will pass thru the Park on the way home. Plan on a full day and don’t forget your camera.  


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