Nifty Fifty Still Missing in Action

Hot Rodders all over the country are amazing people. We run across so many great friends at Car Show, here in Southern Utah & St. George, as well as during our travels around checking cars out.

When we heard about our good friends Jim & Cathie Purdy losing their Dodge Truck, Enclosed Trailer, and one of the most fantabulous Chevy’s on the planet our hearts were crushed for them. By now most of you have heard about their rig being stolen from in front of the Hampton Inn in Temecula, CA during the night after Jim & Cathie participating in a Cruise down there. We were please when we heard the Dodge Pick Up was found in Rialto, CA our ears perked up & hopes got greater. The truck sustained a little damage and the winch was adiosed and some lock damage. Still no word on the trailer or the 1930 Fleetline Fastback…..for some real nice photos of the car you can visit the “Memory Lane” section of this site and go to “Private Collections” and then to “Larry & Sandy Taylor” and check out three great Fastbacks. Also, you may note on the slideshow above on this page there it is again……what a great car only outdone by Jim and Cathie themselves…

Paul & Sara Winn had the word out with the CHP, Long Beach Harbor, Chevy Club Website, and more down in that area where they originated….some friends of theirs made the two flyers below…..Help spread the word whenever you are talking to anyone from the Southern CA region.

Jim Purdy Stolen stolen 50 1

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