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Rib & Chop House St. George

We are not an advocate for a specific spot or business, but a bunch of Collector Car Enthusiasts ate at the Rib and Chop House in St. George back in late December and had a great time. 58 of us converged on that location about 5 PM and they managed to take care of all of us in pretty good order. That is a huge group for most restaurants….they knew we were coming by the way. Since our first visit there, Linda and I have always wanted to go back and eat there again. Many of the people in our party in December have been back again and some several times.

Last Tuesday evening Linda and I managed to break away for a nice meal and made it back there. The service was the same (great), the atmosphere with the fireplace going was sure nice and comfortable, and the good food was as good as we remembered. We felt valued as customers and totally taken care of. We visited with one of the owners for a few minutes and found her to be very pleasant and gracious. We mentioned to her about wanting to do another “Special Occasion” Cruise-In/Car Show there again soon (What in the world is coming up soon?). We will be back!

→     Rib and Chop House in St. George

Hangout Change of Location

Due to bit of a parking deficiency at most locations we are now doing our weekly Hot Rod Hangout on Wednesdays at Ricardo’s Mexican/American Restaurant located at 1110 South Bluff Street in St. George, Utah which is where the old Claim Jumper Restaurant was located. The owner, Jeff, and one of the Managers, Jaimie, have agreed to have an area designated for us inside the restaurant and will allow us to block off a bit of the parking so we can have a clean, safe spot for all of the Special Interest Vehicles, Rods, and Classics. Although this is not a real Car Show per se, we hope it has that little bit of a feeling when we converge. We usually have 18-30 participants and have had as many as 44 show up on a Wednesday morning at 10 AM. We are usually all out of there within a couple of hours. Hopefully we can all enjoy since so many have individual complaints about our last location, but I know it is impossible to make everyone happy and some complaints will be registered. The menu is very good with Senior Menu, American Menu, Mexican Menu, full espresso bar, massive seating, massive parking, and something for everyone.

Click right here for a flyer    →     Ricardo’s Hangout Wednesdays

Do NOT forget Cars & Coffee at Perks Saturday     →     Cars & Coffee 3-1-14

Below is a shot I took at a Cruise-In at Ricardo’s earlier this month….remember just click on any photo for an enlarged version  ↓



Car Show Type Stuff

Cars & Coffee 3-1-14 – never fear??? The National Weather Service is correct nearly -1.25% of the time… personal forecast is rain later on Saturday and fairly nice in the morning 

Keep your fingers crossed all is well and we can get out there and have some good old Southern Utah Car Show fun!

Crossed Fingers dc

*****NOTE:    This has changed from Feb. 28th due to predicted inclimency**********

From The Day Trippers – “Hi all, On March 7th (Friday) will be doing a drive to The Valley Of Fire and afterwards heading to one of Mesquite’s Golf Club club house/eating establishments for late lunch. We were told at the luncheon that the prices were not that expensive and food was good. We have some new folks in the group that haven’t been to Valley of Fire, and figured a nice scenic drive would do the trick. If you have the day off, come on out and join us. Meet up at my home at 9 am and we will take 91 as far as we can to Riverside and get on I-15 for about 20 miles to the turnoff. The park is State run, and costs $10.00 entry fee(cash only). If you need directions to my home, let me know, and I’ll email them to you.  Right now, we have 13 cars that have plans to go to Kanab in March- looks like a great time.”

Be sure to go to the Car Show Events and check out a more complete list and flyers.


Kind of Back in Order

I am still working on getting all the Menu Bar items in the proper order and having pretty good luck but slow as I go. I have no one to ask how to do it and could hire someone then I don’t know how to fix things next time, so I am “Trial-by-Erroring” it. Thanks to my son Matt and Seth Shoultes I am still encouraged. More Car Shows coming up soon, so be sure to check out the Car Shop Updates on the Menu Bar for the latest.

There are other great photos of the Trippin’ at Freddy’s under the “Gallery” section.

From roof 1

Operator Mishap -Probably

I have no idea what is going on with the website and why it seems a bit out of whack this afternoon. I am working on it and trying to get some help this afternoon to get it straightened out. Please be patient I know what it is a problem right now to navigate.

Latest Photos

Check out some of the photos of the three events on last Saturday’s “Trifecta” in St. George, Utah

  • Freddy’s is under the “Gallery” section and then the “Cruise-In’s/Show & Shines”
  • Specialty Auto Sales Car Show under “Gallery” and then “Car Shows”
  • Fundraiser for the Special Olympics sponsored by the St. George Police Department is still pending

Coming up next is Jazzy’s Hangout on Wednesday at 10:00 AM in St. George and then Cars & Coffee at Perk’s on Sunset

Hangout Wednesdays     Cars & Coffee 3-1-14   

Trifecta of Car Stuff Today

Saturday in good old St. George…….DON’T snooze! Get out and enjoy all the fun stuff ↓

February 22nd – SaturdayTo All, Cruise on over with the Desert Rodders and help us support the St George Police Department’s Special Olympics Benefit & Fundraiser. This is a great cause. We will be going over for breakfast. They will have a roped off area for the cars also.

WHAT: St George City Police Department’s Special Olympics Fundraiser

WHERE: St George City Pool (Dixie High School), 700S 200E

WHEN: Saturday, February 22 Meet at 9:15 Bluff St. park to cruise over as a group with the Desert Rodders…..all are welcome!

TIME: Breakfast (donation) 10am; Polar Plunge ($50 donations needed to take the plunge) 11am

INFO: for information and to donate – Desert Rodders of Southern Utah

February 22nd – Saturday – Recurring Monthly Event – “Trippin’ at Freddy’s” – Cruise-In every 4th Saturday 2 PM – 5 PM (Winter Hours) held in the parking lot of Freddy’s/Bishop’s/Ichibans/Coyote Grille Located just to the North of Costco in St. George – For any additional information contact Mark Remington of the Day Trippers

February 22nd – SaturdaySpecialties Auto is announcing Grand Opening of our 2nd location at 543 north bluff street.

Everyone is invited to the Grand Opening event on Saturday February 22nd from 11AM to 4 PM. Bounce houses from stgeorgefun for the Kids. Free pizza from pizza hut for the whole family, and everyone will be gunning for The Grand Prize giveaway of not 1 but 2-Ar-15’s rifles!! There will also be drawings throughout the day for NASCAR Tickets, rounds of golf, golf clubs, free oil changes , ammo and more! You don’t have to wait till the grand opening to enter to win – Beat the crowds and enter to win today at Specialties Auto 543 North Bluff, St. George, Utah. All drawings including the AR-15’s will be given away during the Specialties Auto Grand opening on February 22nd! J. Chase Duncan, General Manager


1936 Chevy Production Line

This is about a 10 minute video but really interesting. Check it out some time when you can just kick back and relax and enjoy this:

A 1936 Chevrolet assembly factory. Note the automation that was already in place, robotic welders, the workers’ lack of any and all modern safety equipment, glasses and helmets, and they ALL know exactly what to do and it’s getting done. Note that while the metal finishers are checking the sheet metal for minute and tiny flaws and defects that they are wearing heavy leather work gloves. Also observe that when the body comes together with the chassis that it is in FULL trim, interior, windshield, all glass etc. is already in place as it is dropped onto the awaiting rolling chassis. Notice no body wood. 1935 was the first year for all steel bodies with full roof shells instead of the chicken wire and canvas roofs. Simplicity at its best. 

How would YOU like that repetitious job of placing 3 rivets in the 3 holes on the chassis or wrestling those heavy pieces of sheet metal for about 35 to 40 years

Click here: Fascinating 1936 Footage Of Car Assembly Line [VIDEO]

Dave Heinstrom Doing Well

Popped in to ICU yesterday and talked with Terry and she told me “Big Dave” is doing well after a sketchy start to his double heart valve replacement……Wishing him well…..

Dave PDI.dc

He will miss Freddy’s at 2-5 tomorrow

Car Show – Trippin’ at Freddy’s Saturday

This whole month has seems strange to me because of the 1st day of the month being Saturday….It seems like all the car shows and things for the month are just moved up and smooched together, so this coming Saturday is the Trippin’ at Freddy’s Cruise-In/Show & Shine/Car Show. This month the hours are 2 PM – 5 PM and that means come any time you wish and stay as long as you like. This is a Day Trippers Car Club sponsored event for all Car Enthusiasts…….

Freddy’s 2-22-14.1

Rick's Roadster John & Darrell Freddy's Sign Jack P & Sara W Falcon Convertible ??????????????????????????????? Dan & Ilona