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Sorry About Broken Site

Our site was down for a few minutes due to a problem with Bluehost….Have I ever told you how much I do not understand about the Internet, operating a site, hosting, posting, web design….MMMMM????

All seems well now….Thank you for your patience and for all of you who contacted me letting me know stuff was BUSTED.

Rib & Chop House – Shazam!!!!!

St. George, and all of Southern Utah, is lucky to have a great new restaurant to enjoy. The Rib & Chop House over on Convention Center Drive is one great place to enjoy a soothing atmosphere and terrific food. Mike & Leslie McFarland of the Rods and Rebels put together an informal get together, and 58 people showed up and had a great time. There were Collector Car Enthusiasts there from The Day Trippers, Desert Rodders, Color Country Corvette Club, Southern Utah Mustang Owners Assoc., SUMOA, AllGens Camaro Club, Rods and Rebels, and I’m sure someone else I’m forgetting right now.

I will have to give some strong credit to the staff at the restaurant for being prepared when we arrived, friendly and competent, and doing an outstanding job of getting the orders out and to the right spots with little trouble. The car people were not the only customers there as the place was jammed full at both the dining side and the lounge side. They must have an excellent kitchen staff to be able to get all of those meals out with near perfection. I was not the only one impressed and wanting a replay soon. Linda and I ate more than we should have and had a great dessert and got out of there for a lousy 35 smackers and felt lucky. Don’t get me wrong – 35 bucks is a lot of money to be spending on dinner if you have limited income like almost all of us, but it is a good deal now and again to spend a little for a great experience.

Here are a few photos I took with my trusty iPhone without the flash on so I would not disturb the guests…..use your imagination on these….remember I am posting this on the fly on my iPad so am not able to edit the photos for size….they are not the best but the idea is what counts.

Rib & Chop.1.dc Rib & Rib & Chop.4.dc Rib & Chop.5.dc Rib & Chop.6.dc Rib & Chop.7.dc Rib & Chop.9.dc

Name Tags

If you ordered any of the “Utah Arch”, non-specific club, name tags they are probably in with Paul & Sara. They live out in Hurricane and cannot possibly deliver to everyone, so be sure to contact them and arrange a pickup. Thanks to them for doing this as a free service to all of us.

As the Collector Car hobby substantially grows in Southern Utah and the entire Southwestern U.S. we lose track of who everyone is even in our own little communities, groups, and activities because we can’t see everyone of them everyday. If you are anything like me you know how hard it is to try and remember everyone’s name. These cool little magnet tags are the ticket.Nametags Utah Arch


Holidays, Cool Temps Fail to Put Damper on Freddy’s

The turnout at the monthly Cruise-In at Freddy’s in St. George was fun for those showing their cars and for visitors alike. One of the things I love most about Southern Utah is having so many Collector Car related events taking place on a regular basis. You can take part in as many or as few as you wish. My kind of activity…no stress! The Day Trippers’ event will continue and will get back to normal soon with the parking lot full and people running all over the place.

Trying something new with the Gallery section today – Go to the top Menu Bar and let your cursor hover over the “Gallery” thread until the drop-down box appears. Then, move your cursor down to “Cruise-Ins/Show & Shines” and allow your cursor to hover over that and then the sidebar will appear and show “Freddy’s 12-28-13” and click on that… think you are confused you should try this from this end at my age.
The next event I am aware of is the Rib and Chop House dinner on Monday put together by fellow car enthusiast Mike McFarland. He told me today he has 68 RSVP’s. Several people have voiced concerns about that many, but Mike said the manager told him, “No problem, glad to have everyone here.” Some have mentioned getting there early to beat the rush….my take matters not as I am not in charge, but things are kind of set up for 5 so we can all eat together.

Remember the weekly Hot Rod Hangout at Jazzy’s on Wednesday, New Year’s Day, at 10:00 AM. Jazzy’s is located in the strip mall on North Bluff St. And 300 North in St. George. Due to the Holiday it could be a huge turnout, light turnout, or just a plain old normal one with 25-35 showing up…..whoever or how many doesn’t matter because the ones who do show up always have a great time.

Also, check this out regarding the final count at Toys for Tots sponsored by Shane & Car Guys Care →  toys for tots 2013 review

Trippin’ at Freddy’s Today

Hey, Gang! Let’s get out and support The Day Trippers with their monthly Cruise-In at Freddy’s/Ichaban’s/Bishop’s/and more. Freddy’s is located just north of Sportsman’s Warehouse near Costco in St. George, Utah. The Cruise-In starts this afternoon at about 2 PM. If you can’t get out that early…..OK !!!!!!!! Show up anytime before 5 and join in. Mark and Marlene wanted to do it early because when the sun goes down….WOW!!!! The SUN GOES DOWN and it gets &%# COLD!!!!! Mark, leader of The Day Trippers, has to work today, but Marlene should be there with her fancy signs. One nice thing about the restaurants over there is they all have great seating and heat. Freddy’s will give a 15% discount to those bringing their Special Interest and Collector Cars to display.

Right now it looks to be about 54 degrees and sunny this afternoon after a chilly start this morning. Pretty good looking all over Southern Utah and Southern Nevada, but still looks to be a might chilly in Northern Arizona but very nice. However, Car Shows, Cruise-Ins, Show & Shines, Cars & Coffee, and Cruises for either scenery or food (come on! Food pretty much controls the car hobby world) the weather looks good for the next 10 days or so.

Trippin’ at Freddy’s is held the fourth Saturday of each month, but the starting times are variable due to season, weather, and sometimes to not conflict with other collector car related events in the Southwestern US.

Freddy’s is located at 969 North 3050 East in St. George, UT 84790

All of the photos below are of a Trippin’ which happened last Fall.

This amazing ’69 Mach I, multiple award winner, is owned by our good friend Reg Browne

Reg Mustang.dc

Zion 9-29-13 020.dcDave explaining something to Norm  ↑

Bright sun to show off all the bling on this evening  ↓Freddy's 007.dc

Brightness of the sun does not take away the cool looks of Larry & Cheryl’s ’48 Convertible…soon to have 700R4 and the front end of Jim & Jan’s ’64 ‘Vette   ↓↓

Freddy's 006.dc Freddy's 004dcJohn and Jim standing still for a quick photo  ↑↑

Mark & Marlene (heads of The Day Trippers) Chillin’ while letting Freddy’s do the Grillin’ ↓↓

Freddy's 002.dcjust a nice shot showing their great parking and the nice setting for a Cruise-In for anyone and everyone….Almost everything going on in the Collector Car world in the St. George and Southern Utah Regions are very welcoming to whomever want an outing ↓

Freddy's 001.dc

Merry Christmas to ALL !!!

I don’t think I can be sure about the correct order of my wish list but here it goes:

  • World peace
  • Perfect health for everyone
  • Happiness for All

OK! Why to I want the above? Sorry to say so I can have more fun “Cruzin” around – This is a partial list based on what I really want and would have to keep it for life so no doing it for resale value – Here it is:

  • ’34 Ford Phaeton Hot Rod – Bright red with taut tan top – Hildebrandt knock off wheels – 427 Ford (I guess in a pinch I could settle for a 302 SHO)
  •  ’67 Corvette L88 Blue Convertible
  • ’40 Ford Pick Up Bright Red with 351w sitting nice and low kind of like Dave Betteridges
  • ’69 Mach I – I could handle one like Reg Browne’s
  • ’70 GTX 426 Hemi – Root Beer color – I could settle for one like Rick Carson’s
  • ’59 Ford Skyliner – white over black – fully loaded – don’t know of any right around here….do you?
  • ’56 Nomad just like Paul Jacobson’s    
  • Don’s – All
  • Dennis’s – All
  • Stan’s – All
  • Roy’s – All
  • Bob Ammo’s Charger (I have to limit this because he has 30+)
  • Very LARGE warehouse and several winning MegaLotto tickets

New “Trivia” Page – Need Help

The new Trivia page on the Menu bar is already getting interesting, but I need lots of help with the following:

  • Photos that are not copyrighted of all areas
  • Stories that could be interesting to all Automobile Enthusiasts
  • Photos of vintage/classic cars which are identified or not
  • Photos of individuals with their first vehicle ever with description and give the OK for me to post them
  • Ideas for car related stories or help with research

I’m sure there will be more to add very soon but right now we all get “Holiday Overload”

Welcome Winter!!!!

I fail to see the relationship between liking Winter and Hot Rods at the same time. Hot Rodding is for good weather……sunny days, warm evenings, and beautiful summer mornings. And, of course this is what Southern Utah, St. George, Hurricane, Santa Clara, Ivins, and all the other surrounding area is known for weatherwise. The best thing about this being the first day of Winter is it means Spring is getting closer.

Toquerville cruise on a perfect Summer day  ↓ bobL.dc


Apparently the gomboo is in full swing these days. We have heard from at least six (12 now) fellow Hot Rodders who have been messed up for a few days. Every one of them told me they had their flu shots for this year but this stuff is not intimidated by some puney vaccine. They each told us it starts with a little throat irritation, then a couple of sore muscles (mostly in the shoulders), and then some fatigue.

TWELVE days? Holy moly that sounds like a long time to feel crumby but that’s what they tell me. I guess this gives a whole new meaning to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”image

Tires for Tots Cancelled

Sorry folks! Word is the Tires for Tots, sponsored by Xotic Motorsports, has been cancelled for this year. If you have already purchased a bike or two please consider donating them to TOYS for Tots, as the need is great…..If you were planning on purchasing something for them please go ahead and do that and donate it to TOYS.
Shane Dastrup’s contact information is:

I received the word at about 3:00 PM on Thursday. I have known Brian, and others from Xotic, for years and know his heart is in the right place. Things just seem to get a little out of hand this time of year and some unforeseen circumstances led him to make this decision. We will be looking forward to next year and a possible event.