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Holy Hemi, Batman!

One thing for certain about the Automobile Addiction (oops! I meant hobby) is you never know what’s going to be coming out of the woodwork. We had about 25 people hitting the place this morning after a perfect cruise through some of Southern Utah’s most outstanding country. Be sure to check out the Gallery for lots of pictures under the Cruise-Ins section.

This morning while at The Silver Reef Cafe in Leeds we picked up a few local visitors….one sporting this beautiful Hemi  –  It’s a rather unique factory color–Tawny Gold Metallic. The Hemi is a 426 ci, 425 hp, “street hemi” that Chrysler was famous for. The car is a 1971 Plymouth GTX with 88,000 original miles – Owned by Rick & Steph C. of Leeds   ↓↓↓ Holy Hemi.dc

Silver Reef Cafe Cruise Today

Check out this flyer        →     Leeds 11-30-13    ←      Let’s all try to be ready to take off at 9:30, or close to it, and take a leisurely cruise through the towns of Hurricane, La Verkin, and Toquerville up and around to Leeds – This has nothing to do with any specific club and you are welcome to drive whatever you wish.

By the way the Drags and Swap Meet are back on for the 7th of December – I don’t have the updated flyer just yet, but as soon as Todd or Blake get it to me I will post it. This could be one of the premier events of all of Southern Utah not just St. George…..Man, there is a lot of stuff going on the 7th…be sure to go to the Events tab on the menu bar and check it out.

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL

Thanks to all of my friends in the Classic Car/Hot Rod world….Thank you for your support and friendship.

The Pig That I Am!

Well, I am shooting once again down Bluff St. In beautiful downtown St. George, Utah, Garden Spot of the Inter-desert West having just eaten breakfast (which is pretty much anytime) and spot a new food truck in the Hurst Ace Hardware parking lot….MMMMMM. I tell Linda, “Well, after your super-dooper nail fill this afternoon there is where we can eat lunch.” Of course, she agrees. We swing down there about 1:30 and see it is a Corndog Truck….wow!!! We order a couple of these things – these things being a quarter pound, all beef frank, dipped in batter, deep fried to a golden brown, served up with mustard (you can get them with catsup, honey, or all of the above) including a drink for five smacker – 5 bucks – $5.00. We were chunking them down and UmUming and chatting with some other friendly sorts and really enjoying the sunshine, good food, and fun chat.

As it turns out a real great guy, Jeff Patten, is just starting this business up and says he will be in the Ace parking lot about 5 – 6 days per week about 11 AM – 6:30 or thereabouts. Folks, it is worth the trip over there if you are a Corn Dog fan like me. I messed up and didn’t get a photo of our Dogs, but here are a couple of shots of Jeff’s rig….it is right out front near Bluff next to the Snow Shack thingamajigger-doomiewaffle.

Toys for Tots Photo Shoot Amazing

Monday afternoon representatives from all but one of the local car clubs involved in this year’s event stopped by Iceberg Drive Inn on St. George Blvd, for a promotional photo shoot by Jay the owner of Iceberg. This will most likely be the largest Toys for Tots function in all of Southern Utah, but all of the smaller, satellite toy collection functions are necessary to make this year’s annual Christmas Toy Drive a huge success. When you check out the photos below you will notice representatives of Color Country Corvettes, but they did not send me a photo of their plaques….they are involved.

Click here for a copy of the Toys for Tots Flyer for Iceberg                           →  Toys for Tots 12-14-13  → Zion Tots

↓    Checkout some of the cars that showed up and the plaques handed out by the Marines in charge of the function   ↓ iceberg 1 iceberg 2 Mustang plaque DR plaque.dc Plaques Rods a Rebs.dc Iceberg Plaque,dc

You Tube Teacher

Anyone know how to do this who wants to make some $$$ and come and show me the step by step?

Yes, I know! Go onto Google and watch the videos….you youngsters don’t get the brain cell deficiency with us old geezers and technobabble…..I do better with psychobabble!!!!! I have had about 20 offers to do it for me…That’s like lending a kid money – Only a very temporary fix and really does no good in the long run.

Hangout and Silver Reef Cruise

Things are looking real good for tomorrow’s weather and Hot Rod Hangout…..If you haven’t been just stop on by. No obligations, no club sponsorship, just chat and food, or, food and chat. I think we may have a small group tomorrow (normally 25 or so + or – 15) because so many people are traveling out of town for Thanksgiving, but I think they will be short trips for the most part because I have already had a good response from people wanting to join in for the Saturday Cruise to the Silver Reef Cafe in Leeds, Utah Leeds 11-30-13 It really is one of the nicest little cafes in Southern Utah. The High temp on Saturday may only get up to about 54 but forecasting NO WIND so that will help. Zero chance of rain.


Take my word for it that this is not exactly how the place looks during the day on any given Wednesday morning. I have only been there for one of there evening music events which was a fundraiser for Morgan (Mngr.) when she was facing Chemo for some horrible cancer which we all hope has been conquered. The night a bunch of us attended was a real jumpin’ joint…..I could not believe the number of people it held and the good time had by all. The food is always great and the entertainment was over the top.

Storm Out of Here

According to the National Weather Service & AWPBK we are in for about 10 days of decent weather other than a few frost days. About the hardest freeze will be December 3rd. Lots of ice this morning up in the “D” Hill area of St. George, but I definitely not the only ice in Southern Utah just looking around the hills.

It looks good for Thanksgiving and for a cruise up to Leeds and the Silver Reef Cafe Leeds 11-30-13 on Saturday the 30th. Please let me know if there is any interest in this so I can warn the folks at the restaurant. If you haven’t eaten there yet you are missing out on some very good food.

Here are a few photos of a group who cruised up to Leeds a few months ago. I think there were 9 cars and 19 people on that one:  Check these out     ↓↓    

Kare with Jacks car.dc Leeds.gangat bob.dc bobL.dc

Stop at Crashes – You May Be the Only One

One last thing and then soapbox will have to find another drummer, but no one…NOPE….not one person stopped to check things out. The young girl’s car was actually blocking the center lane of Bluff St., lots of cars at all roads of intersection, my pickup was spun around and all cock-eyed at edge of intersection, and no help…..I actually had to stop and wait for cars to pass to go over to the other driver to see if she was OK. Holy Katzenjammer Kids, Batman! What in the heck is so important no one could stop. After about 5 minutes I heard no sirens so I dialed 911. I asked the nice operator if the accident there had been reported and she told me no accidents currently in St. George or anywhere in Southern Utah at all. Thanks to our local Emergency Responders we were both taken care of in short order….THANKS SGPD, Gold Cross, ER Staff, and dispatchers.,

Life Comes at you FAST

Cruising out this morning to meet Linda for breakfast before she was going to the Jubilee of Trees to help out with one of the Displays and made it to the bottom of Airport Drive & Bluff St. in St. George and…OOPS!!!! Red Mazda (driver on phone) missed seeing red light until too late and another ouwee on our poor little Toyota pickup. Well, several hours in ER, CAT scans, Xrays, and some very nice help from Linda, Jay, Paul, Sara, Jena (NP at Dixie Regional) I am home and sore as Romney in a street fight for an election. All would have been OK if we would have chosen Denny’s instead of Jazzy’s. Go Figure!

I will give it a go to update everyone I can on Events, Flyers, & Photos when the drugs wear off a little and some sleep happens for me.

Ken Signing Off to Never Never Land for a few hours.

These pictures tell little of the story for an old duffer getting his arthritic back tweaked. I really do feel sorry for the little girl who banged into me….she was very upset. Man, do we ever need a law regarding phones, texting, and seatbelts. I know we have some now, but they really need to be tightened up and enforced to the hilt. Remember that next time you think it absolutely necessary to answer a call or text while in car.

Accident 003.dc Accident 001.dc